Review: Take This Man (Give & Take #3.5) by Kelli Maine


Title: Take this Man
Author:  Kelli Maine
Publisher/Year:  Grand Central Publishing 3/4/14
Length:  100 Pages
Series: Give & Take #3.5


A man never wanted a woman as much as he wants her.

Merrick Rocha is the kind of man who makes a woman yearn for more. And for Rachael DeSalvo, he’s the kind of man who could easily fit into her picture of happily-ever-after. With each touch, each kiss, her body is thrilled as she never knows what to expect next. Their wedding day-and night-are no exception.

Now, as they come together as one, free to trust as deeply as their bodies connect, Rachael is finally ready to . . . 


My Thoughts

My hones opinion here, there wasn’t a need to have another novella – this would have served just fine as the epilogue to the last book Given – but oh well.  i’m not the author.  The thing here is that there was nothing unexpected or even tension developing – it was just a tale of a marriage that we were all expecting.  It was nicely done though and what this final installment shows us is that the story has come to a great conclusion – where things are finally beginning to fall into place and relationships all around are growing stronger.

We see that Merrick’s actions from the very beginning were right for this pair, and that Rachael’s passion is what Merrick needed in order to move on with his life.  Its all nice and sweet – yet rather un-fulfilling in the sense that i feel like i kept waiting for something to happen.

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