ARC Review: His Every Need (Beauty and the Brit #1) by Terri L Austin


Title: His Every Need
Author:  Terri L Austin
Publisher/Year:  Sourcebooks Inc 8/5/14
Length:  336 Pages
Series: Beauty and the Brit #1


Allie Campbell is determined to take care of her family, no matter the cost. But when her father loses their home to British tycoon Trevor Blake, Allie finds herself forced to plead for more time to pay off the loan…and if she has to use her own body as collateral, then so be it.

Trevor isn’t moved by Allie’s story. But when Allie impulsively offers to do anything to keep the house, he’s intrigued enough to raise the stakes: for the next two months, she must cater to his every need, no matter how depraved. To his amazement, she agrees.

Allie has no intention of enjoying her time with the arrogant, domineering Brit, but it doesn’t take long before he’s got her aching for his touch-and he’ll do whatever it takes to make her beg…

My Thoughts

Well, first off i should say how much i love getting ARCs from Netgalley – since it means that i can get into a book before it’s out and perhaps help get people interested when it finally get released if i like it.  well – I LIKED IT.

In this story – we get a plot similar to others in the sense that the leading lady sells herself in order to save her house – which is in line with others that i’ve read when she’s needed to pay for medical bills or save her family from ruin etc.  So while it’s not original, it was given a unique twist because Allie doesn’t hide that she’s working for Trevor to pay off her father’s debt – she just doesn’t give all the details.

So in this story – we see Allie step up and offer up something that Trevor wasn’t serious about, and yet, something that they both want yet don’t know.  Trevor is our typical arrogant Brit business man who thinks that he can get whatever he wants when.  Allie is our usual naive lead – but she’s got a backbone which is nice in this story.

The journey that we go on is one where we see Trevor try to put Allie at ease while enjoying what she has to offer, and Allie trying to break through his outer layers since she knows that his past and family are touchy subjects – brought to the forefront when his parents have come to stay for the duration as they play their re-marriage.

While this story is rather expected – we get the constant reminder that it’s different in the sense that Allie’s family continues to play a big role.  Her sisters Monica and Brynn are more than supporting characters – they have their own stories that we get immersed with and Allie can’t get on with her life and experiences with Trevor because she has to deal with them.  Her father’s a whole different issue and it makes everyone crazy.

I’m new to this author and i have to say that i really enjoy her style.  What we get is a lot of passion and chemistry that really comes off the page in a good way.  The way that we see Trevor try to bring Allie to life is hot – i was really engrossed in their scenes – and he’s more romantic and erotic than anything else.  I feel like i had pegged this book based on description as more of a BDSM – dom style book and while we got the erotic nature because of how these 2 relate to one another, it’s pure good sex – and that’s something that’s nice as well.

Anyhow – i was so into it that i read it all in one night – so i think that means that it’s a winner.  I hope you guys enjoy when you’re able to get your hands on it!

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