Review: Wanted by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #2) by Cleo Peitsche


Title: Wanted by a Dangerous Man
Author:  Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year:  Cleo Peitsche 4/23/14
Length:  79 Pages
Series: By a Dangerous Man #2


Bounty hunter Audrey knows that Corbin Lagos isn’t her soul mate. He may have saved her life, but he’s a coldblooded killer, wanted for crimes that he neither excuses nor denies. Yet every time she crawls out of his bed, the line separating legal and illegal seems to have moved.

As a rival bounty hunter closes in on Corbin, Audrey must decide how far she’s willing to go to protect her secret lover, and an unexpected confession reveals that Corbin’s far more dangerous than she’d ever realized.

My Thoughts

After the ending of book 1, it was really a question of who was going to get to Corbin first and if Audrey could last those 2 weeks that he promised before making contact with him again.  If you remember, in the first novella installment, we meet these 2 under interesting circumstances where Corbin has come to the rescue of Audrey during a snowstorm when she’s gone ‘hunting’ for him and almost dies of frostbite.  Fast forward  a few days/weeks, we see that Audrey is still waiting for Corbin to call, and that’s just not happening.

At the same time, Audrey is trying to keep some sort of normalcy in her life – working as hard as she can to prove that she’s a great bounty hunter, with her father still thinking the worst of her…and she hasn’t gotten the acclaim from others in the biz as well – and this is proven when she crosses paths with Henry – another hunter who has been watching the same guy to bring in.  This meeting with Henry though starts us down an interesting path.

Henry is about 20 years her senior and is attractive enough so while Audrey hasn’t heard from Corbin, she tries to dip her toes in that water in the hopes of getting herself back on track.  What we all know though from this genre, once you have mind blowing sex with a dom, you can’t go back to anything that doesn’t give you that spark.  Fortunately for Audrey, even though it’s 5+ weeks later, Corbin comes along and puts a crimp in things.

They seem to pick up where they left off, although Audrey is making progress in learning things about what it is that corbin does, as vague as he gives information.  The issue though is that they both have emotions tied to this which of course makes for even steamier passion and chemistry – but there’s still the concern about when the other shoe is going to drop.

Audrey believes that Henry is hunting Corbin, and he’s said that he has information to help him track his biggest bounty yet, so it’s when Audrey gets multiple phone calls and texts from Henry while she’s shacked up with Corbin that things seem to be getting dicey…and this is where we are left at the end of book 2.

The question then becomes, what choice will Audrey make and what will the outcome be?  I honestly want to know what exactly it is that Corbin does and who set him up before to get him on the wanted list – so hopefully we’ll get that resolution along with some great scening for the finale of the series.  I feel like the tension and the passion as well as the dark relationship past that Corbin seems to have with another Audrey makes for something great here.  Another job well done by Cleo and i can’t wait to read book 3.

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