Review: Mirror X (The Van Winkle Project #1) by Karri Thompson


Title: Mirror X
Author:  Karri Thompson
Publisher/Year:  Entangled Publishing  6/30/14
Length:  320 Pages
Series: The Van Winkle Project #1


I was born more than a thousand years ago. Put into a cryogenic tube at age seventeen, forgotten during a holocaust that decimated the world, I’ve finally been awakened to a more serene and peaceful future. But things at the hospital are new and strange. And it’s starting to scare me. Everyone is young. Everyone is banded and tracked. And everyone is keeping secrets.  The cute geneticist Michael Bennett might be the only good thing in this crazy new world where “life is precious” but no one seems free to live it. The problem is, I don’t think he’s being totally honest with me, either. When I’m told only I can save the human race from extinction, it’s clear my freeze didn’t avoid a dreadful fate. It only delayed the horror…

My Thoughts

I don’t know why it took me so long to actually read this since i got the copy care of NetGalley, but i’m glad that i finally did.  I”m a sucker for all things dystopian, and well, this one was a nice new twist on things.

As the overview hints, we meet Cassie when she’s been awakened about 1000 years in the future, at a time when the population is dwindling fast because a plague had killed off 50% of the pop and left all women infertile.  They are surviving on cloning people, but they are quickly running out of fresh DNA.

It’s only when the medical staff comes across the cryo pods from STASIS that they find Cassie and find that she’s fertile and able to be awakened.  What we get in this first installment of the series is a story about Cassie trying to come to terms of where she is in the future, with no one she knows and trying to adapts to a new technology and way of life.

She’s also forced to work through what the staff at the hospital want from her – for her to be a breed mare of sorts – to give birth as many times as she can in her life – with only girls so that she can help repopulate the world.

Of course things are never quite as they seem and it’s only the very last twist that Michael – one of her doctor tells her that makes things really interesting.  I think that i was fully expecting most of the story to be as it was, but the twist was nice.

I’m not familiar with our author Ms. Thompson, however i think that she did a great job of beginning to show us the world and giving us some good supporting characters.  I like Dr Bennett – Michael, and i hope that he and Cassie get their happy ending.  I also really like Magnum – and his heritage which we learn from this story.  I guess the question just becomes what will he be able to do for them, since he’s a tech genius and things aren’t going exactly as planned when this story ends.

So many questions and so many things to see if they get answered in the next installment.  What is Tasma and what will the idea mean for Cassie and Michael and VIctoria?  Will Magnum be able to help save them?  Will they figure out a way to make the VWP work in a way that they are comfortable with?

Since i don’t know when book 2 will be out, i’ll have to wait quietly and patiently, but i hope that you guys get your hands on this book now that it’s out.  Enjoy!

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