Food for Thought: Current US Immigration Situation – to be the next dystopia premise?

The more and more I hear about what’s going on with the illegal immigration in the US and the way that my mind works, i feel like i wish i were a much better writer and could be inspired to write a dystopia of my own, since this has all the workings of the prelude to a good series.

Think about it – all the unrest in other countries that are causing women and children to flee.  That will leave just the men to deal with civil unrest and the downfall of governments.  What i then foresee happening – the US becomes over populated and not able to sustain.  disease or war starts to dramatically decrease the population – all for save the wealthy few that are able to afford to be some of the folks that can charter a mission to mars or to an outer space space station.

Then we fast forawrd a few hundred years (or maybe just several decades) to a new generation – the one that was born on the space station to have to figure out how to solve some major problem – most likely to be solved from some non-human/earth source.

so…there you have it – the weird way that my mind works – yet i would so love to be able to write the story to go with it.

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