Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: Love’s Sacrifice (The Billionaire Banker #5) by Georgia LeCarre


Title: Love’s Sacrifice
Author: Georgia LeCarre
Publisher/Year: Grand Central Publishing 8/11/14
Length: Pages
Series: The Billionaire Banker #5


Some secrets wont stay silent…

An evening out at the theatre for Lana and Blake ends prematurely with shocking news.

Frantic, the couple rush home to discover their worst fears. And Blake is forced to confront the realization that his new family is on a collision course with his past — caught in the crossfire of adversaries who won’t hesitate to hurt them.

Once again Lana shows the strength that underpins her character to keep her family together, but with Blake already weakened by the revelation of devastating secrets, will they be strong enough to face down such menacing adversaries?

Lana and Blake know that time is running out and difficult decisions must be made, ones that will irrevocably and forever alter their lives.

And that ultimately, Blake will be called upon to make the greatest sacrifice of all…


My feet are soundless on the carpet. My throat stings with unshed tears. I want to scream and howl. It will be some kind of a release, but how can I? At this time of the night? I wish I could drive out to some lonely location and scream and scream and scream. But the moment I leave the front door, Brian or one of the men will start trailing me.

I pause at the entrance to our bedroom and stand gazing at Blake. He looks very pale sleeping among shadows. I feel as if I have lost everything. I am so incredibly scared. I need to hear him call out my name in that snarling voice again. Without thinking I drift, like a flower crowned Orphelia, towards him, towards the warmth of his body. At the edge of the bed I look down on him, my eyes exploring the tousled hair, relaxed muscles, and the smooth and gleaming skin. He is so incredibly sexy. But I’m not wet with desire. I want to be wet with desire again.

Carefully, I lift the duvet and crawl onto the bed next to the magnificent body. His scent is sun ripened and heady. I take his soft penis into my mouth.  Slowly, gently, I suck it. He tastes delicious.

The juices begin to gather between my legs.

He moans in his sleep, his throat moves, and I increase the pressure of my mouth. The shaft grows thicker and bigger.  Blake’s hands come up to hold my shoulders.  I don’t look up.  I just keep on sucking. His hands grip harder, suddenly they are under my armpits, and pulling me up, and over his body.

‘Let me finish,’ I say, but already I am straddling his hips.

I move my body encouragingly, and my sex, wet and willing, rubs against the short silky hairs on his thighs. He lifts me up silently and holds my body over the head of his cock. I hold on to the shaft and position it over the core of my heat. Slowly, my sex is stretched and fitted around that aroused throbbing shaft.  He spreads my thighs even further and flattens them against his hips. The action makes my clit touch bone. He grinds that bone against me. Then tension transfers to my belly, my thighs, my sex. My nerves overload, and soon I am lost in a red mist of forgetfulness. It explodes in my brain.

He holds me by the waist and rolls me under him. I close my eyes and let my body be a vessel for his satisfaction. For a while I am simply a body, a body that is being fucked by another body. I am nothing but a biological reaction. When I feel the first drop of water on my cheek, I think it is Blake’s sweat, but when the next drop splashes onto my forehead, I know.  They are tears. And then it is impossible for me to even be a biological reaction. He feels the change in me, and stops moving.

‘I’m sorry,’ he whispers. The words are strange in his mouth.

My Thoughts

WOW – i don’t know about any of you guys, but this story just takes us on such intense journeys that it’s not just about the relationship between Blake and Lana anymore, there’s so much more.  Victoria’s devious, Helena is a snob and i’m still confused about the El and what it will mean to the happy family.

What’s nice about this final installment in the series is that we get a back and forth among the chapters – each is written from the POV of either Lana, Blake or Victoria – since there’s a dual path plot line – that converges mid-stream.  We have Victoria who has been sent to an asylum because of what she did at the wedding, and we have Blake and Lana living through their honeymoon and then trying to make their life together afterwards.

Of course nothing is that simple, and we see a bunch of thing go wrong.  We know that the Barringtons will never be safe, so there’s a lot of security around at all times, which leads to the disappearance of one of our main characters.  The question becomes not of who has them, but of what the end result will be – who will lose their life and who will have to live without whom.  What I’ve come to love about our author Ms. LeCarre is that we don’t always have to choose – we just have to be choiceful about how we get to the end.

The other thing about this story is that it’s HOT.  the passion that we’ve come to love and adore with this series is carried through even to the finale.  I made the mistake of reading this while i was at my childrens’ swimming class this morning and that was something that i should not have done since i’m fairly certain that i was blushing (doesn’t happen often) from a scene in a Thai sex club of sorts.  you’ll know it when you read it.

So, while i’m really sad that the series is over, i think that the journey was well worth it.  There’s a twist involved that’s interesting – learning of some parentage and family bloodlines – and that makes things interesting, as well as seeing where the characters will end up – who will be alive and who won’t.  So – all in all a great send off and i can’t wait to see what’s next from our gifted author.  ENJOY!

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