Review: High (The Indigo Lounge Series #1) by Zara Cox


Title: High
Author: Zara Cox
Publisher/Year: CreateSpace Publishing 5/16/14
Length: 173
Series: The Indigo Lounge Series #1


Welcome to The Indigo lounge, the scandalously sexy sky-high playground where anything can happen…
Flirty, dirty and utterly delicious, HIGH is the perfect next read for lovers of the internationally renowned This Man series from Jodi Ellen Malpas & Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series.
Zachary Savage is a man accustomed to getting whatever and whoever he wants. He’s buried his demons and risen from the ashes to become the playboy owner of the internationally renowned Indigo Lounge, a fleet of ultra-exclusive sky-high pleasure palaces.
He has everything he wants, until he sets eyes on Bethany Green. One look is all it takes ~ she has to be his.

Bethany Green has endured the worst year of her life; bad luck and heartbreak at every turn. Karma swings wildly in her favour when a money-can’t-buy golden ticket lands in her lap – an invitation to experience the scandalously sexy Indigo Lounge for herself.

Green by name and green by nature, is she brave enough to accept the hottest ticket in town?

One glimpse of Zachary Savage is enough to convince her that she isn’t cosmopolitan enough to play in his glamorous, sinfully sexy world. But they’re already in the air, and reality is a long way behind them. The only way is up.

The Indigo Lounge. Step aboard and check your inhibitions at the door.

My Thoughts

Clearly I have problems today since i’ve finished reading not just 1 book, but started and finished another.  And that’s all because I’ve discovered another series that i’m really really really excited about.  Welcome to a world that you never knew existed, and it’s probably much darker and complicated than ever thought

We meet our leading lady Bethany 6 months after she’s broken up with her long time boyfriend, after discovering that he is actually more interested in men.  That hurts a girls ego for sure, and she’s been wrapped up in herself for a while.  It’s only after failing at a job to learn more about a CEO’s business and being pushed by her best friend that she’s invited to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity – a chance to board the luxury Indigo Lounge private jet fleet and travel to international destinations – all under the guise of meeting some sexy men and experiencing things that you read about in other private clubs.

It’s upon her entry into the VIP lounge at the airport that her plans get derailed – quickly.  Zachary Savage – the owner of Indigo is in the area while his own jet is being refueled and after seeing Bethany enter the door, he changes his plans since he’s so taken with her – something that hasn’t happened in 6 years.  Understand that this is the FIRST time that he’s decided to change his plans and board the flight in 6 years and we don’t quite know why.

The journey that we go on in this first installment is one that is really engaging.  Bethany has to decide whether she wants to forgo the experience that she signed up for – to learn more about sex and herself in the interest of seeing what Zachary has to offer, and while we all know what choice she’s going to make, it’s one that’s not always easy.  From Shanghai to Paris to Morocco, we get a steamy build up to a relationship that’s destined to fail since it’s not real.

It’s a roller coaster of emotions, we know that Zachary has to have this dark past that he’s hiding, and Bethany wears her emotions on her sleeve – so someone’s destined to get hurt and the way that things are looking – it’ll actually be Zachary.  Learning what we do in the last line of the book makes you wonder how much is being hidden and for what reason.  I can’t wait to see what stories come up next and what that means for this pair.

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