Review: The Affair: Soon (The Affair Week 2) by Beth Kery


Title: The Affair:  Soon
Author: Beth Kery
Publisher/Year: Penguin Group 9/22/14
Length: 73
Series: The Affair #2


The Affair continues from New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery as a man’s secret leaves an innocent woman exposed, vulnerable, and desperate…

The Affair Week Two

Emma is unlike anyone he’s ever known, fresh and surprising, sweet yet intensely sensual. He knew he shouldn’t touch Emma but he’s a Montand, after all. Strong sexual appetites and selfishness run in his blood—no matter how much he’d wish otherwise…for Emma’s sake.

Emma can’t help but feel somewhat compromised by the impulsive sexual tryst she shared with her billionaire employer but Emma has to admit…she wanted it. Besides, working in Montand’s sprawling mansion as a hospice nurse to Montand’s stepmother, Emma anticipated a few surprises. Still, she never expected what came next: an exquisite gift, an apology and a proposition—a sexual affair that promises to fulfill every fantasy Emma ever had. And a few she never dared imagine.

But a deathbed revelation from Montand’s stepmother is about to shatter every illusion Emma had about her position at the Breakers, her future with Montand, and her own innocence.

My Thoughts

Coming out of the first few chapters, there was a lot going on for Emma – her boyfriend and sister hooked up, she’s discovered an attraction with Michael who’s the dark and standoffish step-son who’s paying for the care of her patient – Cristina who’s on her death bed.  Ok – all caught up.

So in this second installment, the questions that we’re left to ponder are what will come of the sister/boyfriend hook up – and what will that mean for Emma.  From what we saw in Emma’s reaction – while she feels betrayed, she doesn’t really care.  Add on her sparks with Michael, and well – you know that it’s going to be great.

So we see in these next chapters the dynamic growing between Michael and Emma.  We know that he thinks he’s wrong and bad for her, yet Emma really wants to see what the feelings mean.  Typical to the genre – we see that they get a hint and taste of their passion, and then someone flees  this time it’s Michael.  He puts some distance between them and leaves Emma off balance.  I think that we’ll begin to see something real happen here, but for now we just get a lot of chemistry that’s really hot and intense.

The other bit to the story is Cristina – she seems to have a soft spot for Emma and I’d love to know more about that.  I don’t know that we’ll get the chance though given how sick she is.  I also wonder about the connection and relationship with her and her stepson.  we know that they clearly don’t get along or even like each other, but i’m sure there’s a story there and it’ll be interesting to see how and when the details come out.

So, i guess it’s a wait until next Tuesday to see what comes next in week 3, and i for one have been sucked into these characters.  I’m not sure about anyone else, but i’m not quite decided on what i think about Amanda and Colin and i can’t wait to see what our author comes up for those two.  Enjoy!

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