Review: The Affair Week 5 (Let me Spoil You) by Beth Kerry

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Title: The Affair:  Let me Spoil You
Author: Beth Kery
Publisher/Year: Penguin Group 10/14/14
Length: 83
Series: The Affair #5


Emma’s increasingly intense affair with Montand is illuminated when she discovers some revealing and unsettling secrets about his past—about his hell-bent youth, about the tragic fate of his first wife, and about how cursed his seemingly blessed life really is. It leads Emma to wonder …what kind of man is she falling so dangerously in love with? He’s dominating her world with luxuries she’s never dreamed of and introducing her to decadent sensual pleasures, but he’ll soon walk away. When does it go beyond an exquisite sexual control of her body, into a manipulation of her fragile emotions?

Emma is an addiction Montand can’t resist, and he’s learning there’s no rest for his dark soul when they’re apart. At all costs, he must convince her to join him for wicked weeks of jeus sauvages on the French Riviera. She’s promised him that she’s his, afterall, and Montand expects nothing short of total possession of her for their rapidly fading time together.

My Thoughts

I’m sad to say that i think that from here to the end of the series – i’m going to hold off on reading until they are all out.  while i think that this story has the potential to be great – i’m just not getting enough each week.

Where we left off in week 4, Emma and Vanni are growing closer and are going to see how they can make their temporary arrangement work.  Vanni has to fly to France to deal with preparations for his race and Emma is left to her own devices back home.  She gets back to her daily routine and tries to fill her time with smaller tasks.

It’s only when she runs into a friend from nursing school and the girls father that things get more interesting.  The father is/was a cop and has some familiarity with Montand from when he was younger as well as knowing his father.  Because of this insight, Emma learns more about him, and even begins to wonder if there’s more to what’s going on in her life than what seems to be obvious.   Really meaning that he leans of Vanni’s first wife and about his rough past.

While there’s not much meat here, we get a lot of passion when they reunite – which is classic Beth Kery.  I think that’s something that holds these novellas together – that you know you’re going to get heat and passion and great chemistry.  Just maybe not enough since it’s just a few chapters.

The trip to France is looming and we see Vanni and his intentions to spoil Emma – in the hopes that maybe it’ll keep her with him after their time is up and i guess that’s what we’ll see more of as the story continues.  I wonder when another shoe is going to drop though – they keep dwelling on this genetic disease that Emma supposedly had when she was younger and doesn’t have now.  Personally, i’m waiting for a twist of a lost twin or something, but that’s just me – hoping for some soap opera like twist.   Regardless – Enjoy!

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