Review: Layers Crossed (Crossed #1) by Lacey Silks


Title: Layers Crossed
Author: Lacey Silks
Publisher/Year: MyLit Publishing 10/19/14
Length: 234
Series: Crossed #1


She’s a city girl.
He’s a country boy.
And their worlds are about to collide.

Seeking justice, the mouth-watering cowboy, Eric Waters hires Cross Enterprises to find the man who’s been threatening and haunting his family for decades. And the city girl he hires captures his heart and soul.

Tired of beat-up cases, the witty private-investigator, Emma Cross, finally gets an assignment worthy of her talents. Except keeping her wits around her muscled employer from the country is more difficult than she expected.

The moment their paths cross, Eric and Emma captivate each other, but mixing business with pleasure may prove more risky than Emma has bargained for and more deceitful than Eric’s honest heart can handle.
With a foundation of lies and fear to put the past behind them, their blossoming relationship is tested by family, friends and enemies.
As threat looms, trust and honesty are broken, and Emma and Eric’s lives are flipped upside down. Can they withstand the storm and find a way to stay together, or will each have to go back to their corners of the world?

My Thoughts

LOVED IT!  it’s funny – when you spend so much time with a set of characters and then are forwarded on a bit in their lives to supporting characters, you find that there are such endearing qualities and story lines that rise up.  If you’ll all remember, in the Layered series, we got to know Tristan and Julian VERY well – and saw bits of Emma – the little sister throughout.  while she wasn’t a main, she had a decent B role in those and it’s about time that we get to see what she grew up into.

In this first installment of her story, we get to see that she’s definitely not a 13 year old girl anymore – she’s lived life and has dealt with her fair share of pain and injustice and it’s only a matter of time before something gives.  In this case, it’s the continuous prodding that really leads things awry   As we begin to get to know where Emma’s life has put her down, we see that she’s battling the loss of her true love, her dissatisfaction with her job, and the over bearingness of her big brothers.  Fortunately she has a best friend in Grace that pushes her to her limits and that of course can’t end well can it?

It’s on the chance night that she’s lost a bet to strip that her world changes for ever – she spies a man with amazing eyes in the crowd and barely makes a connection with him before her brothers turn up to take her home . We all wonder about this man of course, but we’re left dealing with T&J taking her away.

The journey that Ms. Silks takes us on here is a good one – that’s well balanced with passion, emotion, romance and anxiety.  Emma has been put on a case from her family business to help locate and find a man who’s responsible for kidnappings in a rural town hours away.  It just so happens that the one of the victims is the same gorgeous man that Emma met at the club, so things go from interesting to hot pretty fast.

The questions throughout the story are answered and avoided in a really great manner.  We begin to see how Emma’s mind as a PI works, and as she’s putting the pieces together, I did the same.  i think that i came to the same conclusions that she did just as quickly, and i think that’s the intention here.  Lacey our author seemed to make it clear yet not overt in order to keep the flow of the story….which worked out.

As we get towards the end, there’s a high of anxiety and fear.  Will the find the man that they are looking for before anything else happens or will they have to deal with more pain and suffering.  Will Emma and Eric have something to look forward to together? and i don’t know if anyone else wonders still, but w/o giving 2 much away – who do the 2nd set of boots belong too?  My money is on Cash (Grace’s brother) – i don’t know why i have that thought, but there was a weird coincidence of him showing up when he did.  I’m excited to see that several next installments will be coming in just a month or so, – ENJOY!


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