Review: Masquerade by Georgia Le Carre


Title: Masquerade
Author: Georgia Le Carre
Publisher/Year: Georgia LeCarre 10/7/14
Length: 226


Love is deceptive…

Fiery Billie Black thought she knew all she needed to know about her own sexuality, but that was before one night of animalistic passion with the ultra gorgeous and mysterious Jaron Rose. Tall, blond, charming and wealthy, he is the epitome of an Alpha male.

The morning after he promises he will call, but he doesn’t.

Just as Billie finally frees herself from the memories of that night, Jaron arrives on the scene again. Suddenly, all the feelings that burned so intensely are reignited and she finds herself becoming quickly entangled with her enigmatic lover. The passion is incredible, unforgettable, unbelievable, but Jaron Rose is not all that he seems-he wears more than one disguise and he is hiding a big secret.

Billie is about to find out what it is…

My Thoughts

I don’t know about anyone else, but i’m so glad that we got to get a bit of a story around Billie since she’s been more than a supporting character throughout the Billionaire Banker series.  In this story, we don’t get her back story which i don’t think is necessary – we get her current place in life and a situation that she’s needed yet didn’t quite know.

From what you’ll all remember, she’s Lana’s best friend, and as such, Blake has set her up in an apartment in a posh area and she’s leading the life that she was meant as a designer.  The challenge for her though is that although she’s gotten her life together in all of those aspects, she’s still missing the one thing that matters most – someone to share her life with.  She had been with her last girlfriend for quite some time and that had eneded, leaving her lonely and in a space of uncertainty.

Enter a drunken night at a rave where she meets a man who turns her world upside down.  Fast forward us about a month or so and we come to where the story starts us off.  She’s quickly reunited with this guy – Joran, and well….who knows where things are going to go since he’s not usually the kind of bedmate that she goes for.

What we get in this installment of Billies is a roller coaster of sorts where she’s redifining who she is while trying not to get in too deep since she’s been told that Joran has a girlfriend (Ebony) who she’s met and she knows nothing about Joran.  Especially that he’s got his own secrets.

The roller coaster that we’re on though is a hot and steamy one which i’ve come to love and expect from our author Ms. LeCarre.  There’s something to be said about painting a heated and steamy picture of 2 people who clearly have intense chemistry and know what they want from one another.

The great thing here is that we get to see layers peeled off from each of them – we see that there’s more to Joran than he lets on and through the ENTIRE story we’re trying to figure out why he’s so mysterious.  I don’t know about anyone else, but my expectation and assumptions of what he did weren’t exactly on target – although not uber far off.  I think that where their journey takes them is a nice one – and it certainly showed us that there’s more to Billie than we ever knew before.

I kind of wish that this were the first of a series about her, but i think that based on the closure that we got – it’ll be a stand alone.  Regardless, you get exactly the same level of entertainment, sex and passion in this novella that we got throughout Lana’s story and i hope that you take the chance to read and enjoy.

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