Review: The Affair: No Reservations (The Affair Week 6) by Beth Kery


Title: The Affair:  No Reservations
Author: Beth Kery
Publisher/Year: Penguin Group 10/28/14
Length: 69
Series: The Affair #6


Overwhelmed with worry for the safety of her heart, Emma tells Montand what few women have: No. But as he reminds her, she promised him she’d be his for five weeks, and promised herself she’d never again run away from a challenge. Especially one so irresistible. Now, on the glamorous playground of the Cote d’Azur Emma and Montand indulge in the all-or-nothing pleasures of the rich and famous—from the Cannes roulette wheels, to the most decadent restaurants to the dark challenges and raptures of the bedroom, they’re set on a dizzying, dangerous course…and there’s no turning back.

But when Montand is suddenly faced with his past and his vulnerability, he realizes that the woman he’s come to worship will not be a part of his future.

My Thoughts

I don’t know about anyone else but i feel like the summary or overview that’s published doesn’t necessarily jive with what we get in these installments, but to be honest, i don’t usually read them so it’s not a big deal.  Any how- where we are now in the story is that Vanni is off to the south of France for his race and Emma has agreed to go with him.  Vanni of course does what he does best and helps clear the path with her boss so that when she calls to get the weeks off there’s no issue, and it’s during that call that Emma learns that Vanni’s gone ahead and taken over and well – that doesn’t bode well.  What was meant to be a really nice and relaxing trip is now a solo journey for Vanni.

Several days go by that Emma is moping around at home and surprisingly it’s her sister Amanada who manages to find a way to bring her out of her funk and that’s something that i think we all wanted to happen, yet didn’t know if it would.  Amidst all this help that amanda provides, we learn that Vanni knows that the only way to get Emma to come to him is to go through Amanda, which is the way that it works out.

So we find ourselves in France – just before the race and it’s a happy reunion for this couple.  While Emma’s there, she sees the other side of racing – the nature of the race-car drivers and learns that Cristina left her a rather sizable inheritance – even after just working for her for just a few weeks.  It’s always nice to see stability written into a story sicne we know that there’s more than a limited thing going on here, and maybe with what Cristina’s done, there will be hope for these two.

I think that one of the biggest under-currents of this story is that both have agreed to a limited time together, yet we see that both have developed more serious feelings for one another.  I think that it’s just a matter of time that they will realize that it’s long-term, i think though that something dramatic is going to happen at the race which will either make it easier to come together or will temporarily rip them apart.  We keep hearing about how Vanni feels that he’s cursed and that he’s unlucky – and that Emma is the counter-point to this and is very lucky – but i guess my concern and anxiety now is who is going to get hurt in the race?  will it be Vanni (will he have to end up driving for some reason), will it be Niki, will we see Emma have to use her medical training to save a life?

All these questions which make for a great build up to the finale and i believe that there are just 2 more installments that i’ve got in my library to carry me through, so i’ll know in just a matter of a day or 2.  enjoy!

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