Review: Mastered: Over the Line (Mastered #3) by Sierra Cartwright


Title:  Mastered:  Over the Line
Author: Sierra Cartwright
Publisher/Year: Totally Bound Publishing 6/21/13
Length: 156 pages
Series: Mastered #3


He can’t say he wasn’t warned…

From the moment he’s cautioned to avoid the submissive who snares his attention, Dom Michael Dayton is intrigued. With her tight dress, flowing hair and honest dialogue, what could be more perfect than a few hours together?

Sydney Wallace fears only one thing—being tied down. She lives for adventure and fun, including the occasional BDSM party. By always scening with different Doms, she avoids emotional entanglements that might complicate her life. A man who owns a ranch and has roots deep into the soil is definitely not the kind of Dom she wants to play with.

Sydney has never met anyone as complex as Master Michael Dayton. From the moment he issues his first command, she knows he’s different. He watches her reactions, sees what she wants, and unselfishly gives her what she needs. Getting involved with a man like him would be the biggest risk of her life, crossing over all of lines she’s drawn to protect her way of life.

After the first night together, Michael realises he should have heeded the warning. But it may already be too late

My Thoughts

The journey continues with yet another Dom from ‘The Den’, and i have to say that i think that i may need to take a pause from this series since it’s just not doing it for me.  What we have here is a great role play between to strong leads, but i feel like it’s just not intriguing enough for me – there’s something missing.

We meet Master Michael at the Den one night – a man who’s divorced and who has decided that he doesn’t want anything serious just yet with anyone.  That same night, he spies Sydney walking across the room, and although he’s been warned that she likes to ‘top from the bottom’ and play games, he’s still decided to go for it.  The story of these 2 really just supports the dynamic that she’s not willing to give up control, and yet that’s everything that’s in his nature – to control.

This story takes us through the course of their first night together – where Master Michael figures out what makes Sydney tick and why she’s gotten away with what she has with other Doms and pushes her past those limits.  Sydney in return turns into a brat, doesn’t adhere to his requests and orders and gets punished – which is exactly what she wants.

The story only gets interesting when we start to see their lives outside of one another – when we learn why they are each the way that they are.  The challenge is that we only got a glimpse of that – we didn’t really get to dig in.  And the resolution and closure aspect comes very quickly without too much of a struggle.

The one constant though that’s in all of Ms. Cartwright’s books is that we get heated passionate scening.  There’s a naughty-ness to everything that she writes and you really do get a strong sense that she knows what she’s talking about in the BDSM world.  That gives the story a strong authenticity and you wonder which limits will be reached.  As a result of this as well, there’s hot sex and chemistry that at times really does come off the page, but maybe in this story just not enough.

To sum it all up, it’s average – there were redeeming qualities for sure – but i think that i’m going to take a break from the remaining installments of the series and pick it back up in a few weeks.  so…Enjoy!

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