Review: Falling for Emma (Bistro La Boheme #0.5) by Alix Nichols


Title:  Falling for Emma
Author: Alix Nichols
Publisher/Year: CreateSpace Publishing 1/15/15
Length: 77
Series: Bistro La Boheme #0.5


Rising star of French soft rock Cyril falls for Laura–the charming groupie who waltzed into his life one sweet summer afternoon.
Their story could have been pretty straightforward except…
He’s blind.
And she isn’t who she claims to be.

My Thoughts

What a sweet story – i know that there’s a larger series here that i have been slow to really sort that one out.  So at least, because i was able to get my hands on this ARC, i got my intro to what i think will be a sweet series.  In this short novella, we have the continuation i’m guessing of a story surrounding Cyril – who was a rock star in his own right and unfortunately found himself on the bad side of a car accident that left him disfigured (scars) as well as blind and deaf.  He was able to get hearing aids implated so that he can hear and potentially resume his music career, but the blindness is something that’s far more uncertain.

In addition to dealing with what his life has become, he’s also dealing with the fact that the girl that he had been in a relationship wtih for ages – decided that she wasn’t made for ‘babysitting’ and didn’t want to be with him anymore because of how he looked and what his limitations would be.  So, this is what introduces us to the downward spiral that Cyril’s in.  He’s able to cope by finding a routine and there’s plenty of technology out there to help him be ‘normal’ – but you know how it is – for a rock star to go into obscurity.

Enter Laura (or Emma) – who ironically is Gerrie’s sister (Gerrie being Cyril’s ex) – and she’s had a crush on him since day one.  She feels like this is her opportunity to really get to know him and see if there’s somethign there – so she puts on this persona of ‘Laura’ in the hopes of being able to get close to him and for Cyril to maybe fall in love with her.

The quick journey that we take here is a nice one.  We see that Emma’s intentions are from the heart and that she really wants to be with Cyril because of who he is – not what he is.  This brings on a level of connection and romance that they both deserve.  It’s only when Gerrie comes around one day – after Cyril and Emma have really bonded that things get dicey.  Bringing up the question of whether Gerrie’s motives are clear and true, and whether Cyril’s able to get past what Emma’s done in lying to him.

I guess what this means for me is that i have to find the rest of the series and read it since i’m really intrigued.  Personally i don’t know if the series really revolves around, but if it’s anything like the novella here, then i think that it’ll be worth the read.  the characters are sweet – they are imperfect and they have honest emotions towards one another and that’s what makes for a GREAT read.  so…Enjoy!

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