ARC Review: Fever (Club Inferno #3) by Jamie K Schmidt


Title:  Fever
Author: Jamie K Schmidt
Publisher/Year: Random House 4/17/15
Length: 167
Series: Club Inferno #3


Deep in the shadows of her exclusive fashion resort, Couture, Colleen Bryant presides over a much more intimate world: Club Inferno. The successful businesswoman and sex instructor has built an empire that caters to the BDSM elite, but now she finds herself longing for something a bit more ordinary: a man to love. She’s not sure how to find someone who will accept what she does for a living—or the kinks that drive her wild—until her old flame, ex-pro football player Chase Fairwood, comes back in her life.

There’s no woman as hot, sexy, or exciting as Colleen—and Chase knows it. He also knows he’s man enough to play her games, and to give as good as he gets. His return to Club Inferno reignites Colleen’s scorching demands, along with a new determination to test his resolve. Soon he’s competing against a rival Dom to brand Colleen as his own. But Chase has a secret weapon: the burning desire to offer his body—and his heart—in sweet surrender.

My Thoughts

I should start off and say thank you to the folks at NetGalley for allowing me to get the early read of this 3rd installment to the Club Inferno series.  I think that it’s fair to say that we all wanted to see what was up for Colleen – Mallory’s sister and the owner and Head Domme of Couture.  There were teasers throughout the series so far that there was something coming back up again with Chase – the love of her life prior to her husband as well as there being something out there with Dante – one of the other Doms in the club.

So that’s what we get in this story – we really do see that there’s a bit of a triangle going on – not a love triangle per-say but really something that’s adding heat and chemistry and angst into the mix of things.

Colleen is trying to build on her empire – after a bunch of less than amazing deals she’s trying to launch her line with Anya – at the same time that Max is trying to launch his line and uses Chases star a bit to get things moving. This adds complications to Colleen’s life and if we know nothing else, we know that complications are GREAT in this genre.

The path that we go down is one where Colleen is completely confident in her role within the BDSM world, while Chase is really against it all.  (he had a taste of seeing Colleen in it back in Vegas and ran in the other direction).  While Chase seems to think that he can dabble in it, he’s in for a rude awakening, and Colleen has to learn to adjust in order to keep him from running scared.  All the while, Dante continues to try to push and prod and make his move in the hopes that he can get under Colleen’s skin and achieve what…..i’m not quite sure.

The great thing about this series is that we get an education.  We continue to learn more and more about the BDSM world and about what it is that makes some couples tick.  That’s something that Colleen’s character does well.  The other bit is that we continue to get some HOT sceneing…the passion and chemistry between Colleen and Chase is palpable, as is the chemistry and tension between Colleen and Dante.  There’s something to be said about trying to find the right dynamic and knowing what gets you off, and our author clearly knows how to write to that bit.

So….the journey is one that’s really round about – we find that Chase and Colleen resort to old habits while Dante uses cockiness and self assuredness to get what he wants.  It’s interesting to say the least and it makes you want to keep reading.  So….if you’re not able to get your hands on the ARC, at least it’s only a bit over a month that you have to wait to read it, and it’ll be worth it.  Now i’m just curious if there will be a book 4 and which of our favs will be the lead in that story.  I have my ideas…….Enjoy!

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