Review: Matchless (The Black Brothers Trilogy #2) by Brynley Bush


Title:  Matchless
Author: Brynley Bush
Publisher/Year: CreateSpace Publishing 11/17/14
Length: 241pages
Series: Black Brothers Trilogy #2


The Black Brothers Trilogy

Three brothers, bound by a secret that could change the world of medicine.
Three women, hired to protect the secret that someone is willing to kill for.

The last thing they expected to find was love.

MATCHLESS: Book Two of the Black Brothers Trilogy
When her boss asks for her help on a high profile intellectual property case, the last person attorney Mila Kingston expects to walk into her office is the gorgeous stranger she had an unforgettable one night stand with on her birthday. Navy SEAL Griffin Black has been upfront since the beginning that he’s not looking for love or commitment, which is just fine with Mila, who’s focused on her career and certainly doesn’t have time for a charming playboy. However she can’t pass up the opportunity to represent Griffin and his brother in a landmark trade secret case involving a plant from the Amazon with the potential to cure cancer and the greedy woman who will stop at nothing to possess the rights to the research.

Although Mila’s determined to keep him at arm’s length, the more time she spends with Griffin, the harder it is to resist his easy going charm and his promises of forbidden pleasures. Before long, Mila is entangled with Griffin in a battle for the rights to medical research that could change the world of medicine, as well as her heart.

My Thoughts

I have to start by thanking the folks at Netgalley for making me aware of this series by gifting me with this 2nd installment to the series.  it’s what got me to pick up the first one and to really enjoy the story enough to go to book 2 and i can’t wait for book 3.

Where we met Beckett in the first installment, the eldest and the most dominant it seems, in this 2nd one we meet Griffin in more depth and get to have his journey.  In it, we get to focus on Mila, a 30 yr old lawyer prodigy of sorts who’s not only fallen in love with Griffin before realizing that hes her client, but who finds that he not only challenges her in her profession but in life and love as well.

Mila had thrown herself into her career full force knowing that it was what she wanted more than being in a relationship that may not work out.  it’s on her birthday that she links eyes with Griffin in a bar and that we see that as a result of a dare from a friend that her life is going to turn off path.  A night of amazing passion and what she thought was just a one night stand turns into weeks and weeks of chemistry and sparks.

After that first weekend she discovers that Griffin is a client, trying to protect the research that we learned about in the first book and Mila is his best chance at success since she’s been truly successful in these sorts of cases.  The story here is a journey of seeing Mila try to protect not only the research and learnings but her heart as they grow closer.

The nice thing here is that while in the first book we got the definite taste of BDSM from Beckett, well we know that Griffins taste are similar in the sense that he likes to control and cammand, but the way that he goes about it has a bit more finesse and romance i think.  We get to see the softer side of the dominant man underneath and that he wants to bring all of the pleasure in the world to Mila.  IT’s hot and steamy all at the same time – don’t get me wrong, but it’s a slightly different take.  We see that he brings her fantasies to life – a threesome of sorts, and well – that always makes for some hot reading.

On top of the romance and the court case, we get the continued story of trying to find out exactly what’s happened.  There’s a curiosity since there was a huge grant funding the research and no one can track down who’s behind it.  THere’s a fear that it’s Camille but no one is able to trace the money.  Then there’s the matter of getting the real information from Gavin – he’s admitted to some of what he’s done being his own motivations and not Camille’s but…..there’s more to that story – and Dominic – the owner of the BDSM club comes into the mix a bit more.  I’m still curious about him – i’m not sure that we ever really get to the bottom of his story.

Add to that, a few deaths, a few faked deaths and a few reappearances and well – you’ve got some interesting reading.  Part of me hopes that in the third an final installment (Drake’s story) that we get to the bottom of all the unanswered questions – but i also don’t want it to detract from what i hope will be something hot and amazing.  Drake is a successful musician, and in my experience in this genre- those are the ones that either pull out all the stops on romance or are the kikiest.  I can’t wait to find out which is which.

Blog Tour & Release Day Bitz & GIVEAWAY: Eden 2 (The Eden Trilogy) by Georgia Le Carre


I fell in love with the first installment of this series and can’t wait to see what happens with Lily and Jake.  We only began to get under the surface of things -and knowing that Lilly’s not exactly what she seems – well there’s nothing better than that in this genre.  In support of the release of book 2, i’m hosting a release day blitz for Eden – book 2 in the Trilogy by one of my fav authors Georgia Le Carre.  Enjoy!



It wasn’t supposed to be like this- I came ready, determined, but nothing could have prepared me for Jake Eden. Engulfed in his power, his lust and his primal need for me, I’ve become ever more helpless in his hands. I love the way he touches me, holds me, protects me. I feel alive in ways I cannot explain. I know I am giving my body to a criminal…week after week, but I can’t stop. I’m addicted. He has no idea. It’s all wrong, but I’ll stay with my plan until I figure out a way around the conflict I’m facing…


I never knew that looks could blindside a man the way Lily Hart’s beauty did me. When our eyes collided that first time, the connection was instant, I knew, that she was like no other. She was something special, uniquely different. But I’ve discovered since then that there is a secretive side to her, and now I fear deception stalks her eyes. I know I must keep my distance, but she keeps persisting that I have her heart, so how can I push her away when all I want to do is tie her down and make her mine?



‘Come here.’

I go to him and climb into his lap. His hands come around me, the palms hot. I nuzzle him like a cat, my hand stroking his thick hair, straightening it. It is ruffled. He has been running his hands through it. He takes my shoes off and lets them drop with a thud on the floor. I sigh with pleasure when his big hands start massaging my foot.

‘I didn’t know where you were. If you had simply run away. I know so little about you.’ His voice is a deep, honeyed rumble. It has a song in it. I could listen to it all my life. But I won’t. I was fooling myself before.

‘I didn’t run away. I’m here.’

The hardness between his legs pushes into my hip. I look up into his eyes. There is only one word for what is in them: hunger. I have never seen such extreme desire, such ravenous craving. The air trembles with it. A voice inside my head cries, ‘What have you done? What have you done?’ I ignore it. My body loses its tiredness and responds to that yearning. My lips part, my nipples swell and pebble tightly, my sex opens like a night flower.

‘Would it be really horrible if we had sex right now?’ he murmurs.

‘Yes, that would be utterly, utterly horrible.’

He carries me to the bedroom and kicks the door open. The large chandelier is not lit. Instead only the narrow bronze lamps over the paintings on the walls are on, creating their own individual pools of yellow light, making the paint look thick and oily. I glance at the bed and my mouth opens with astonishment. I turn back to look at his face. ‘What the—?’

‘Indulge me,’ he says languidly.


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. 9780399167836_p0_v2_s260x420

Author Bio


Georgia Le Carre lives in England, in an old 19th century romantic cottage surrounded by a magical garden filled with fruit and walnut trees. When she is not feeding words into her laptop, she is either curled up in bed with a box of chocolates and a good read, or lost in a long walk in the woods. Especially on moonlit nights.  And often with the man of her dreams.


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Blog Tour & Review: When Things go Wrong by Lacey Silks

family couple in a winter clothes

Title:  When Things Go Wrong
Author: Lacey Silks
Publisher/Year: Lacey Silks 2/2/15
Length: 43 pages


Lazy eyes, scarred lip and brow, muscled and tattooed, Julia’s high school best friend, the one who made her heart go pitter-patter, had definitely changed in the past five years she hadn’t seen him.

Being stuck with her mom and boyfriend number one hundred at an exclusive ski resort doesn’t seem as daunting when Julia runs into the gorgeous and enticing Scar Wagner. And when fate forces the couple much closer than Julia would ever allow a man to be, she can’t help but wonder whether it’s time to give relationships another try.

After all, when things go wrong, they turn out right

My Thoughts

Another refreshing story by Lacey – and while it’s a short novella – it’s just enough to get your interested in keeping up with the series. We really only get a handful of chapters here in these 40 or so pages, but what we do get is the beginning of a great romance.  Our leading lady Julia is a product of what she has seen all her life – her father cheated on her mother and as a result, she has no trust for me and doesn’t want anything more out of life right now than to just throw herself into becoming a doctor.  while that is all well and good, it means that she’s stuck watching her mother fall in love with a much younger guy (hopefully he’s not a gold digger like Julia thinks) and she watches her sister fall in love yet again with someone who we have no back story on.

It’s while they are on a family vaca in a ski resort that Julia crosses paths with a friend from high school and well, you know how this story goes.  They reconnect – they realize that they’ve grown up quite a bit from the people that they were as teens, and well, chemistry and sparks fly.

While they are getting to know each other, they get stuck in an avalanche, and you know what’s bound to happen there.  Along with all that, they decide that they are going to come up with this great plot to break Julia’s mom up from her boyfriend (and we learn that it’s a skill that they had in high school as well).  It’s only at the very end of this short novella that we see that maybe there’s more to their relationship than they are letting on, and while it was just a day or 2 that they reconnected – well walls are being shattered and emotions may be getting tied too deeply.

I believe the next installment is coming out in March, so we’ll get to see what happens now that they are back from their vacation, with Julia in Washington at school and Scar (Nick) back in NY in his father’s law practice.  so much potential, so much to lose…right?

Review: Expatriate (Forager #3) by Peter R Stone


Title:  Expatriate
Author: Peter R Stone
Publisher/Year: Peter R Stone 10/21/14
Length: 236 pages
Series: Forager #3


The Thrilling Conclusion to the Forager Trilogy

Eighteen-year-old Ethan Jones, Nanako, and the other foragers have fled Newhome after being accused of being terrorists.

However, with Captain Smithson’s parting words of “Don’t forget us,” ringing in their minds, they realise the only way to save Newhome from the Hamamachi Rangers and their Skel allies is to document and expose the Rangers’ villainy.

Yet what sounds like a workable plan is nothing of the sort, for they have to journey into the very heart of Skel territory to obtain the information they need.

Leigh’s warning that “nothing ever goes as you want or plan it to,” turns out to be prophetic. An assassin, a botched raid, and the Skel and Rangers stopping at nothing to prevent them from revealing the Rangers’ activities all complicate matters.

To add to their woes, a word whispered in Ethan’s ear by a new addition to their party brings his world crashing down about his ears. Moreover, should he share this information with Nanako, all her hopes and dreams for the future will be destroyed as well. The question is – how long can he keep such a secret from her?

My Thoughts

Well…..i wish that i like this final installment as much as i liked bits of the others, but as you guys can see (and if you keep tabs on my via goodreads) – i’ve been trying to finish this book for quite some time.  FINALLY – on a flight home today i finished it.  THANK GOODNESS.  There were good bits, don’t get me wrong, but i think that there was too much going on.

As you’ll remember (or maybe you need the refresher), Ethan’s memory has begun to come back, working to solidify his relationship with Nanako.  Of course, it also means that he’s left with weird holes in what went on over the past years, but that’s ok.  He’s learning about himself and who Nanako is and that’s what matters now since at least he finds that his feelings for her are consistent.

That aside, there’s still all the stuff going on with being kicked out of Newhome – and being hunted by the Militia, Rangers, Custodians, Skel – just about everyone and anything is after him and wants him dead.  So this is where we find ourselves in this finale.  Ethan, Nanako, the other foragers and a new custodian that they’ve picked up along the way who’s also an echolocator set out on a mission to prove that the Rangers from Himamachi are behind the Skel attacks and recruitment of slaves in the hopes that it’ll create peace and give them all a place to live in the future.

Of course nothing’s ever that easy since they are constantly being tested.  Their friendships, their trust in each other, relationships (romantic and otherwise) and really the questions pile up and up.  Who was behind Ethan’s ‘accident’ and who wants them dead.  Of those that seem like they are supporting the cause – are they really or do they have their own motives?

We see a LOT of battle in this last book – a lot of sneak attacks, scheming, plotting and people going rogue.  I think that’s where i’m lost.  We find out a bit more of who the Skel are and what makes them as they are – but i still don’t think that we quite ever find the answer on their evolution and why they have slaves.  Why they developed their armor and why they are so barbaric.

Anyhow, i still feel like it’s an incomplete story even though we get the ‘epilogue’ of sorts.  We see where civilization is going and who’s still alive to make it flourish.  But…we don’t see what happens really to a lot of the folks that we met along the way.  I think that the one thing that we do learn is who was behind a lot of the atrocity – and it’s completely expected. I knew that it was going to be someone that was woven throughout the story – and i think that it was rather anti-climactic on what happened to them.

On that note – clearly i’m not getting too deep on this review and that’s because i feel like there’s nothing too deep to get into.  It was average for a finale and that’s a shame since i think that Forager was a great launching pad – but that could just be my own thing.  I’d love to hear anyone else’s thoughts if you guys have read this though – maybe i missed something since it’s taken me so long to read this one.

Review: Fearless (Black Brothers Trilogy #1) by Brynley Bush


Title:  Fearless
Author: Brynley Bush
Publisher/Year: CreateSpace Publishing 11/17/14
Length: 236 pages
Series: Black Brothers Trilogy #1


Fiercely independent and newly single mom Emmaline Hart has spent the last thirteen years putting everyone’s needs before her own. Secretly afraid that her ex-husband’s assertions that she’s too uptight are right, Emma nonetheless keeps her life, and her emotions, firmly under control, fearful of getting hurt again. However, when she meets the dangerously attractive Beckett Black on a job assignment, the way his casual touch sends her pulse racing forces her to acknowledge her growing need to move beyond her fear. When Beckett offers her a job writing the memoir of his father, a renowned cancer researcher, Emma jumps at the career opportunity and the chance to get to know Beckett better.

Emma spends her days with the renowned doctor, who has spent his career studying a plant in the Amazon that has the potential to cure cancer, and her nights with Beckett, who slowly pushes past her fears and breaks down her barriers, introducing her to a passionate and forbidden love that surpasses her wildest fantasies. As the doctor’s story of secrets and cover-ups unravels, so does Emmaline’s view on everything she thought she knew about herself and the power of surrender.

My Thoughts

I picked up this first installment to the series after being approved via Netgalley for book 2.  Always a good kick in the butt to start off a series in the proper place don’t you think?  Anyhow, what we get here is sweet story of a man who’s a successful dom and a woman who thinks that she’s not valued in the way that she should be since she’s a single mom and her ex made her feel small.  Semi characteristic of the genre – yet not so bad when you read through where the storyline goes.

We meet our leading lady Emmaline who is a freelance writer – creating a brochure for a doctor’s practice.  When it’s the younger partner who comes to meet with her one day instead of the older one, well things flip upside down.  Dr Black – Beckett walks in and the sparks between them start to fly.  It’s then that we see that he likes to take control and well, that’s something that Emma clearly needs since she’s been playing the devoted mom for too long.

We quickly see the relationship between these 2 develop and where i think there are hints that it should go further into BDSM than it does, i like a line that Emma uses later in the book that it’s more ‘kinky play in the bedroom’ or something like that.  I’ve gotten a little bit of an education and i think that the level of kink and naughtyness is perfect for someone who’s new to the genre.  (maybe someone who’s just seen FSOG).

Anyhow, if their relationship and somewhat differing tastes didn’t make for a good enough story, there’s the underlying bit of a memoir that Emma’s writing for Beckett’s father – where there’s this quest to find the missing link to a cancer cure in the Amazon.  Add in a jilted ex who has her own motivations (Camille), and a psycho who almost succeeds in bodily harm/murder and you have a page turner as we come to the close of the story.

There’s passion here – a bit of control and some great scening – i think that there’s definitely a few missed opportunities to take things just a bit further, but i think that since we get a nice emotional bond between the characters both mains and secondaries – i’ll let it slide.  We really get to see a lot of Beckett’s family life and that’s good since it means that we’ve gotten the intro to Griffin and Drake (who will be in books 2 and 3) as well as learn the back story on how Beckett became the man that he is.  I think that when you have that depth, it makes the heat and steam all that much better and i have faith that we’ll get more in book 2.  So…i’m off to pick up that copy since i’ve got it in my Netgalley library and i’ll let you all know what i think.  In the meantime, enjoy this one since you don’t know who’s going to be the one to turn on you.  and there’s a twist with one of the characters playing for the wrong side of right.  Enjoy!

COVER & SYNOPSIS REVEAL: Giving A Chance by Kacey Hamford


Title:  Giving a Chance
Author: Kacey Hamford
Genre: Romance
Cover Designer:  Kelly Hamley





A choice between two guys should be every girls dream, but it’s not as easy as you would think.

Bonnie has never struggled to get male attention, in fact quite the opposite. But following a nasty break up she has commitment issues and doesn’t want to tie herself down to one guy.

Happily living the single life, she has been sleeping with Matt and Joseph. Both guys have their good qualities and Bonnie doesn’t see the need to make a choice, that is until Matt demands she chooses one of them. Matt’s idea is clear, she dates each boy for a week then makes her mind up. What sounds like a simple idea soon turns out more complicated than Bonnie could ever have thought. So with both boys pulling out all the stops and playing their ace cards, it’s a fun filled fortnight for Bonnie.

Is it possible to have such strong feelings for two guys? Bonnie has got it bad for both. And at the end of the two weeks will she be able to make a decision?



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Taking A Chance

*SALE – 99C!*



Rose has spent her whole life living in her sister’s shadow; boys have always preferred her sister Amelia. Amelia has always achieved the best grades, the boys would flock to her and good luck seem to just follow her around.
When Rose meets Jacob, she feels as though her luck is starting to change. He is everything she could wish for and more; he is not only gorgeous and clever, but he wants her, not her sister.
Jacob and Rose begin dating, but the course of true love never runs smooth and it’s not long before Jacob is hiding things from Rose. Will his secrets destroy their relationship, or will he finally open up to Rose? Or will Amelia destroy them before he has the chance?
Join Rose and Jacob on their rollercoaster journey.
When the highs are so good, does it make it worth enduring the lows?

This is a young adult book that contains some mature content



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About the Author:

We are two thirty-something females, living in Cornwall, England.

We both have full time jobs and manage to squeeze writing in around very busy lives.

Last year we joked about writing a book, and in December we actually started writing! On 12th March 2014 we pressed the ‘publish’ button and didn’t breathe for a whole several minutes!

We have now written four books, ‘Rocking Esme’, ‘Rocking Scarlett’, ‘Rocking Marcy’ and ‘Rocking Ashton’ and we also have a million other book ideas which we are dying to write!

When we first started writing, we didn’t tell anyone- not even our other halves! We decided to tell them about a month before publishing, then about a week before publishing we told our friends and family.

We both love reading, and since buying Kindles, reading has become much more of an obsession and we have both discovered authors we had never heard of. Some favourites are… Jennifer Foor, Aurora Rose Reynolds, Kirsty Moseley, Kelly Elliot, Terri Anne Browning, Diane Chamberlain… the list is endless!



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Review: The Billionaire and the Virgin (Billionaires and Bridesmaids #1) by Jessica Clare


Title:  The Billionaire and the Virgin
Author: Jessica Clare
Publisher/Year: Penguin Group 2/17/15
Length: 266 pages
Series: Billionaires and Bridesmaids #1


Waitress Marjorie Ivarsson is the picture of naiveté. Raised by her grandmother, she’d rather go to bingo than go dancing. But when she’s asked to be a bridesmaid in her friend Bronte’s destination wedding, she finds herself venturing into new and exciting territory. The wedding is set on the billionaire groom’s private island and Marjorie is fascinated by all the new people she’s meeting.
Most fascinating of all is the man she saves from almost drowning in the blue waters of the island lagoon. She might even have a bit of a crush on him. Unfortunately, she’s not the only girl who finds him so intriguing. Hot shot television producer Robert Cannon has a reputation for womanizing, drinking, and partying to excess. They couldn’t be more wrong for each other…so why are they constantly drawn together like magnets?

My Thoughts

Since i have such a love for the series that is the basis for this spin-off i had a feeling that we’d get something great, and i’m thrilled that we do.  Not only are we seamlessly woven into the old series, we get to see how things are working parallel path – and they clearly are.

It’s at Bronte and Logan’s wedding where we get to see things begin to evolve for Mraj and her man.  Marj of course is one of Bronte’s friends from back in Kansas – at the diner that she worked at before meeting Logan.  It’s the week before Bronte’s wedding when everyone is on the Caribbean island that everything started for the happy couple that Marj begins to get her own happiness.  She’s due some of that actually since she’s 24, lived a sheltered life in Kansas after being raised by her grandparents, and she’s tall, lanky and under appreciated by just about everyone that she’s encountered.

Rob – well, he’s an interesting character.  Usually you don’t want to hate the leading men in these stories – they all have their dark pasts, and we’re never really given that level of insight into what’s made Rob into what he is.  We only know that he acts the way that he does since it’s expected of him, not that it’s who he really is – and lucky for him, Marj makes him want to be better.  Trouble for him is that Logan already knows of his reputation and is quite peeved that there’s a chance that Rob will put a damper on all things tied to his wedding.

It’s when Rob nearly drowns and Marj saves him that things turn around for both. Marjorie being the inexperienced virgin that she is doesn’t quite know what to do with herself around worldly and successful Rob, and Rob doesn’t want her to find out who he really is since he likes that he can be different with her.  What comes of this of course are a slew of really awkward dates, some rather juvenile petting and the srot and then some added budding romance.  Hearts will be broken i’m sure.

There’s something to be said though about an author who’s able to continue a series that is known for it’s complex emotional bonds between characters while having the hot sexy bits all included.  We have the workings of the great relationship, but the manner that the sex bits are approached has to be different given Marjorie’s inexperience, and while we’ve encountered a virgin in the past (think Hunter) – it’s not the same.  So the fact that i’ve been so invested and engaged by this story shows that Ms. Clare has a few great things up her sleeve.

Where we go with this budding romance though is not a smooth ride as i’ve mentioned.  The question that you have in your midn as you’re reading is whether or not it’s inexperience that’s going to keep them apart or if it’s Logan and Bronte and other folks that will really make it tough.  or…if it’s a combination of a few things that will cause them to self destruct.  There’s a move to NYC, a donation of over a billion dollars to charity and a few life changes that happen over the course of this story that really make ti flow.  so – all that being said – i’d say that this is a great spin-off that i can’t wait to see what happens next.  Enjoy!

Review: Club Lux: New Beginnings (Club Luxe #5) by Olivia Noble


Title: Club Luxe:  New Beginnings
Author:  Olivia Noble
Publisher/Year:  Loretta Lost 1/31/15
Length:  103 Pages
Series: Club Luxe #5


Malcolm never thought he would ever see his wife again. Her abandonment caused him years of suffering, and the sting of her betrayal tore his heart to shreds. He was only just beginning to heal, thanks to Victoria’s perseverance, when his first love walked back into his life and caused his pain to increase tenfold. Malcolm is angry, confused and unsettled, but matters of the heart must be put aside when he learns that his enemy threatens to kill his daughter in less than a week:

Unless Malcolm surrenders his own life.

Elizabeth has spent many agonizing years living in secret, forced to remain separated from the love of her life. Now, her cruel brother has gone too far. He has not only destroyed her marriage, but stolen her daughter. Elizabeth is reduced to a desperate woman trying to save her child, and she finds herself begging the same man for help whom she betrayed so long ago. One look at her husband’s chiseled face and familiar eyes, and all the sweet memories of their past come rushing back to her. Elizabeth never stopped loving Malcolm; and now, she knows that she loves him more than ever.

But the sight of her husband in the arms of another woman is too much to bear…

My Thoughts

As if Mal and Victoria hadn’t gone through enough, and if their love wasn’t enough of a struggle, the battle to get Claire back was going to truly tear them apart.  With having his ‘wife’ elizabeth around, things were getting even more complicated since she was trying to put on a brave face and be friendly with her, yet no one was sure what lizzy’s intentions were.  Topping it off, they were given a 24 hour ultimatum to find Claire otherwise Brant would kill her.  So, the clock is ticking and the questions that lie ahead are whether they will find her in time, whether it’s too easy that they are finding out locations and some of the intel on him, and who’s going to come out alive.

We know from past installments that there’s bound to be a lot of death and struggle, and that’s something that we continue to get here.  The difference though is that in most of the past pieces of the story there’s been a lot of the heat and passion that’s needed to keep Mal and Vica together and with the addition of Lizzy, we don’t have that.  What we do see is the confusion of who’s relationship is worth more, and who’s willing to sacrifice what for their own happiness and love.

Victoria sacrifices more than most in this story and while you would hope that she’d get rewarded – that doesn’t seem to be the case.  The good news for her though is that her roommate Chloe is very understanding and her life seems to be looking up.  The worry that i have though is that her happiness is tied to Dominic who is tied to Mal – especially since Mal has said that he’s walking away from the club, and putting Dom in charge.  We’ll see what affect that has on Mal and on Victoria. ….

Where we are left off in this story is the world shattering for one of the mains – and a questionable reappearance of someone who was thought to be dead.  I think that what we’ll get in the final installment is a lot of tension, more broken hearts and what i’m hoping will be a passionate reunion.  I have about a month to wait for the finale so i’ll have to ponder for just a few more weeks.  Enjoy!

Review: The Gilded Cuff (Surrender #1) by Lauren Smith


Title: The Gilded Cuff
Author:  Lauren Smith
Publisher/Year:  Grand Central Publishing 2/10/15
Length:  352 Pages
Series: Surrender #1


Every passion has its price . . .
Journalist Sophie Ryder has been following Emery Lockwood’s story since she was a little girl. There has always been something in his haunted eyes that she couldn’t resist and now, when she’s certain he holds the key to solving a string of kidnappings, she’ll do anything to speak to him. Even if it means venturing deep into the seductive world of the Gilded Cuff, a luxurious BDSM club on Long Island’s Gold Coast and Emery’s personal playground.
From the moment Sophie enters his shadowy, sensual domain, Emery Lockwood knows this tantalizing new little sub was meant to belong to him. However, Sophie wants more from Emery than just pleasure . . . she wants his past. And that is something he isn’t willing to give-no matter who is asking. But every moment he spends with Sophie, Emery feels his control slipping and he knows it’s only a matter of time before he surrenders to her heart, body, and soul

My Thoughts

Thank you Netgalley for giving me the advance copy – apologies for taking FOREVER to get to reading it.  It was definitely worth the wait though – and i’ll tell you why.  Not only do we get what i’ve come to be used to the D/s tale of a billionaire man who’s taunted by his ghosts and therefore living in the BDSM lifestyle, but a reporter/journalist – who’s trying to get her story and therefore is on the hunt for said billionaire.  That’s what we have here with Emery and Sophie.  As we learn quickly – Emery was kidnapped at a young age with his twin and he’s made it out but his brother didn’t.  He’s been haunted by this his entire life.  Sophie has her own ghosts – her best friend was kidnapped right in front of her never to be seen from again.  So they share that similarity and where it goes, well that’s where this story takes us.

While i knew what we were going to get, i was curious how we were going to get there.  Knowing that Sophie doesn’t know anything about the lifestyle, we’d get a great education if the author does BDSM justice, and she does…although it’s very light on the pleasure/pain bits.  We see some spanking and a bit of cuffs/restraints, but besides that – we don’t really go too deep.  That’s ok though since the sceneing between these 2- as limited as it is, IT’S HOT!. Sophie isn’t really ready to submit and it’s not like Emery really needs her to.

Sophie’s motivation of course is her hunch that Emery’s kidnapper has other motivations.  that it was an inside job that wasn’t done to completion and that he’s still in danger.  Even though Emery has security watching him, Sohpie’s ability to find what’s been missed through being a GREAT journalist makes her think that she’s going to see what others missed and solve it.  What she doesn’t know though is that she’s putting herself right in the line of fire, and we know that it means that someone or someones will not make it out alive.

Throughout this story we’re given snippets of the headlines from when Emery was taken with his brother Fenn, and Emery begins to tell us about what happened.  I have my own thoughts that i know who’s behind it, and i wonder if we’ll get to find that out before the first installment of this series comes to completion.  I feel like there’s a lot of denial and greedy motivations going on, and it’s not for the ransom money that was never asked for.

Will Sophie discover who’s behind it all while still guarding her heart and emotions?  Will Emery be able to open up enough and relive the pain to give Sophie the information that she needs to solve the case and will Cody and Hans, Emery’s security be able to protect him if and when the time comes?  Well, suffice it to say, just when things seem like they are getting worse, they still get even further past that point.  another kidnapping followed by another one, followed by the identification of someone that hasn’t been seen for 25 years.  So all in all a great first intro to a series and i can’t wait to see where the next book takes us.  Enjoy!

Review: Crown Me (The Royals #3) by Geneva Lee


Title: Crown Me
Author:  Geneva Lee
Publisher/Year:  Westminster Press 2/10/15
Length:  266 Pages
Series: The Royals Saga #3


As the world tried to tear us apart, Alexander fought for me, claiming me as his own. I belong to him—body, heart, and soul. I found strength in his dominance. In his control. In his love.

Still I could always feel it: the darkness creeping toward our joy, threatening to overcome us. But I never imagined it would end like this. I thought I knew what marrying Alexander meant to my life. To my independence. To us.

I was wrong.

Ripped apart by tragedy, fighting for love, Clara and Alexander face their darkest hour in the stunning conclusion to their saga…

My Thoughts

Well, we know that things had to get worse before they got better and while we know that they are DEEP in love and that they are potentially meant to be together, we’re left to wonder if they will be together and how many people are going to get in their way.  From the teaser at the end of book 2, we get the sense that someone’s buying a gun to kill Clara and/or Alexandra, and my assumption at least is that – and that it’s Daniel, but we go through the story wondering when the attempt will happen.

Not only do we have that level of anxiety throughout the story, we also wonder what’s going to happen with the happy couple to keep them together and pull them apart.  We know that the king really does NOT want Clara as part of the family and will never accept her – yet i’m curious what the true motivation there is – since there has to be more than her American accent and the fact that she’s not the one that he chose for Alexander to marry.

There’s also the question of what’s to become of Edward’s happiness and if he’ll find happiness.  i think that we’re all rooting for him since he’s the ‘touch stone’ for Clara when she’s going out of her mind with issues that Alexander has.  I really like how the royal family is so diverse, but i wonder if it’s really too much to be real.  The eldest son who’s not just marrying a commoner (like the real prince did), but that she’s also semi-American, and the younger son who’s in love with another man, and a wife/mother who passed away at a young age.  All cliche things when you look at it rolled together but some how it works.

On top of all the royal family issues, we also have the underlying story of Belle and Phillip since things just don’t seem settled there, and i’m not surprised at all where we go with them.  there’s also Pepper – the gift that keeps on giving, and then there’s also the new girl Georgia that we meet, and whom i guessed her role in Alexander’s past even before it was voiced.  What she’s been hired to do however, that i’m still trying to understand since i’m not sure that i follow how she’s able to do what she’s being paid to.

In any event, through the roller coaster of emotions, we get some of the steamiest scenes between the lovers that you can possibly imagine.  We know that they are VERY in love and that translates to passion that leaps off the pages and it hasn’t seemed to die down at all through any of the 3 books.  I keep hoping that there will be a bit of dimming at one point or another, and there’s not.  They are going strong, still in the honeymoon phase with how they can’t keep their hands and lips etc off each other and i don’t know about any one else who’s reading, but i actually had to read quickly through a few pages since i was on a plane and i didn’t want to have someone look over at how hot it was.

What i didn’t expect necessarily was where the end of this story took us, and i won’t give spoilers so have no worries.  I was hoping that some of it would happen, maybe not in the manner that it did, but i feel like there were conversations that had to happen to get some of the resolution.  the other bit though is that there are deaths in this story.  Some of course are necessary to keep the story going, but i feel like i wish that some didn’t happen since there was unfinished business.  The epilogue though takes us to a great point in the future, not terribly far but far enough to give us a glimpse into what may be one day….and what it will look like to those who remain with us.  So, all in all, one of my top series – i think that all 3 books were GREAT and our author Ms. Lee did a great job in keeping us engaged, intrigued and really really hot.  Enjoy!