Review: One Night: Unveiled (One Night #3) by Jodi Ellen Malpas


Title: One Night:  Unveiled
Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas
Publisher/Year: Grand Central Publishing 2/1015
Length: 366
Series: One Night #3


A life without secrets and a passion without end . . .The story of Livy and M’s passionate love affair comes to a stunning conclusion in the final book in the One Night trilogy!

Livy has never known pure desire like this. The gorgeous Miller Hart captivates her, seduces her, and worships her in deliciously sinful ways. He knows her innermost thoughts, drawing her ever deeper into his dangerous world.

Miller will do anything to keep Livy safe, even if it means risking his own life. But his dark history isn’t the only thing that threatens their future together. As the truth of Livy’s family legacy unravels, an unsettling parallel between past and present comes to light. Her world spinning out of control, Livy finds herself caught between the rapture of an all-consuming love-and a deadly obsession that could destroy them both . . .

My Thoughts

Drama Drama Drama.  That’s what we get in this final installment, and if you were wondering if we were going to get answers to ALL of our questions – the answer to that is a screaming YES!

When we left off in book 2, Olivia and Miller were leaving London because they had to get away from Charlie – who basically ‘owns’ Miller’s soul, and as she’s leaving, Olivia is certain that she’s seen her mother, who everyone believes to be dead.  So of course you know that there’s going to be something good and juicy to tell there.

They spend a few weeks in NYC while Miller tries to work with William on a solution and we see Olivia and Miller fall into a decent routine with each other.  Their relationship has been forced to another level, and it’s something that’s good for both.  Miller has to relax a bit, and Olivia has to deal with his lack of expressing his feelings in the way that she wants him to.  Throughout all this though, we have some GREAT sceneing between the 2 – Miller being ‘The Special One’ means that we’ll continue to get heat and passion from him in a way that only our lovely author can do for us.

It’s when they are forced back to London after learning of Nan’s heart attack and this is when things really get juicy.  We see that things are going to get much worse before they get better since you cant just escape Charlie.  The partnership between William and Miller is tentative at best and they are very careful on who knows about it.  If that weren’t the most aggravating bit of things, the extent of Olivia and Miller’s relationship is making people crazy and fearful, and of course when the wrong people learn of it, it makes her even more of a target.

I’d have to say that the last few chapters are really something else.  While I’ve been guessing on the basis of various relationships throughout this series,we’re taken down a few different paths of admissions before we get to the crux of things, and that’s something great that Ms. Malpas did for us.  Instead of going directly to the answers, we’re forced to hear admissions that were thought to be truth that weren’t actually the case.  Who is tied to whom and for what reason…’s chaos!

So, this finale installment of the story sums up everything that we were hoping for with Olivia – she was so tentative at the beginning of things – she worked in  coffee shop at the beginning of the series- trying to make her way through school and sort herself out.  Because of what Miller has done for her, she’s beginning to figure things out and it looks like they are great for one another.  There’s an epilogue that does the story justice – since it’s quite lengthy and really gives us a glimpse into what could be.

The passion and the chemistry continues to leap off the pages, and it’s not just the raw sex and attraction that does it – there’s an emotional connection that these 2 share that force you to be a hopeless romantic even if you’re not one.  I’d love for someone to say ‘You Fascinate Me’ like Miller does on a regular basis – maybe i’ll find him.  so….for all the rest of you – i hope you enjoy.

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