Review: Matchless (The Black Brothers Trilogy #2) by Brynley Bush


Title:  Matchless
Author: Brynley Bush
Publisher/Year: CreateSpace Publishing 11/17/14
Length: 241pages
Series: Black Brothers Trilogy #2


The Black Brothers Trilogy

Three brothers, bound by a secret that could change the world of medicine.
Three women, hired to protect the secret that someone is willing to kill for.

The last thing they expected to find was love.

MATCHLESS: Book Two of the Black Brothers Trilogy
When her boss asks for her help on a high profile intellectual property case, the last person attorney Mila Kingston expects to walk into her office is the gorgeous stranger she had an unforgettable one night stand with on her birthday. Navy SEAL Griffin Black has been upfront since the beginning that he’s not looking for love or commitment, which is just fine with Mila, who’s focused on her career and certainly doesn’t have time for a charming playboy. However she can’t pass up the opportunity to represent Griffin and his brother in a landmark trade secret case involving a plant from the Amazon with the potential to cure cancer and the greedy woman who will stop at nothing to possess the rights to the research.

Although Mila’s determined to keep him at arm’s length, the more time she spends with Griffin, the harder it is to resist his easy going charm and his promises of forbidden pleasures. Before long, Mila is entangled with Griffin in a battle for the rights to medical research that could change the world of medicine, as well as her heart.

My Thoughts

I have to start by thanking the folks at Netgalley for making me aware of this series by gifting me with this 2nd installment to the series.  it’s what got me to pick up the first one and to really enjoy the story enough to go to book 2 and i can’t wait for book 3.

Where we met Beckett in the first installment, the eldest and the most dominant it seems, in this 2nd one we meet Griffin in more depth and get to have his journey.  In it, we get to focus on Mila, a 30 yr old lawyer prodigy of sorts who’s not only fallen in love with Griffin before realizing that hes her client, but who finds that he not only challenges her in her profession but in life and love as well.

Mila had thrown herself into her career full force knowing that it was what she wanted more than being in a relationship that may not work out.  it’s on her birthday that she links eyes with Griffin in a bar and that we see that as a result of a dare from a friend that her life is going to turn off path.  A night of amazing passion and what she thought was just a one night stand turns into weeks and weeks of chemistry and sparks.

After that first weekend she discovers that Griffin is a client, trying to protect the research that we learned about in the first book and Mila is his best chance at success since she’s been truly successful in these sorts of cases.  The story here is a journey of seeing Mila try to protect not only the research and learnings but her heart as they grow closer.

The nice thing here is that while in the first book we got the definite taste of BDSM from Beckett, well we know that Griffins taste are similar in the sense that he likes to control and cammand, but the way that he goes about it has a bit more finesse and romance i think.  We get to see the softer side of the dominant man underneath and that he wants to bring all of the pleasure in the world to Mila.  IT’s hot and steamy all at the same time – don’t get me wrong, but it’s a slightly different take.  We see that he brings her fantasies to life – a threesome of sorts, and well – that always makes for some hot reading.

On top of the romance and the court case, we get the continued story of trying to find out exactly what’s happened.  There’s a curiosity since there was a huge grant funding the research and no one can track down who’s behind it.  THere’s a fear that it’s Camille but no one is able to trace the money.  Then there’s the matter of getting the real information from Gavin – he’s admitted to some of what he’s done being his own motivations and not Camille’s but…..there’s more to that story – and Dominic – the owner of the BDSM club comes into the mix a bit more.  I’m still curious about him – i’m not sure that we ever really get to the bottom of his story.

Add to that, a few deaths, a few faked deaths and a few reappearances and well – you’ve got some interesting reading.  Part of me hopes that in the third an final installment (Drake’s story) that we get to the bottom of all the unanswered questions – but i also don’t want it to detract from what i hope will be something hot and amazing.  Drake is a successful musician, and in my experience in this genre- those are the ones that either pull out all the stops on romance or are the kikiest.  I can’t wait to find out which is which.

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