Review: Switch (Lost in Time; Episode 1 Season 2) by Brenda Pandos


Title:  Switch:
Author: Brenda Pandos
Publisher/Year: Brenda Pandos 1/21/15
Length: 100 pages
Series: Lost in Time #2 (Episode 1, Season 2)


Abby is bouncing between the past and the present, desperate to find a diary that Anna promises holds the answers, leaving her exhausted. Racked with guilt that she’s caused the zombie outbreak in her time, Abby questions her every move. If she’s the only time jumper, then how would it have already infected the past and yet not the present?

In order to set things straight, she’s going to have to find a cure. Her friends and boyfriend, though, are stuck in the past along with her future son, and they can’t leave without her help. She must decide what to do first and quickly, before the zombies change the course of everything.

Switch, Volume 1 is the first episode of SEASON TWO of a novella series about a girl who must conquer her fears and embrace who she really is in order to save those she loves and their future selves from destruction.

My Thoughts

Ironically i read this on 3/13 which is the date that this episode takes place so that was kind of cool.  (no relation at all to the point of this review though…just had to share).

So in this novella, 2nd season or what have you, we are back with this crew as they are in varying timelines, trying to find a cure for the zombie apacolypse disease that Abby some how brought back to her timeline when she jumped.  She’s stuck at a point bouncing between current and future times, and well, i have to admit a little bit that i’m confused about who’s on what side, what’s going on and who knows what about what’s going on.

The chapters alternate between being from Kaden and Abby’s POV so that we get to see the story continue from both of their sides and we get to see the lengths that they will go to in order to save their ‘other half’ as well as stay true to their own self.  What we know of Abby is that she knows she’s supposed to be on the hunt for the journal that Anna told her about, however while she knows that it’s her priority, saving her friends and Kaden and Sawyer (her son?) is more important to her.  It keeps coming up that she knows that she has to get it since all the keys to solve the puzzle are in it, but we don’t see her make the move since it’s in the Vice President’s office – Declan’s office and i think that he’s a zombie in this timeline too.  again, not certain.

So this novella takes us through this one day where Abby goes back and forth in timelines in the hopes of saving her friends, getting them released from being captured and trying to find a cure since she learns that Kaden is infected and she’s a carrier of the cure.  This is even more interesting to folks to learn since she’s never supposedly been infected, yet her body has antibodies.  She also crosses paths with present and future dad….who realizes that she’s the Oracle (which to be fully honest, i can’t remember the ramifications of this news from the first bit of the series – i have to go back and refresh my mind).

So…luckily i think that the 2nd episode comes out soon so i can pick back up on where we leave off since it’s a cliffhanger of sorts.  Where the group goes and who’s helping them go there is interesting to me, especially since we see that Abby makes a choice that no one else is aware of, and maybe it’s a choice that’s both stupid and too late…but we’ll have to wait and see.  so….on that note – Enjoy!

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