Review: Trickiest Job (Executive Toy #4) by Cleo Peitsche


Title:  Trickiest Job
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year:Pouch Productions 3/13/15 2/17/15
Length: 77 pages
Series: Executive Toy #4


Lindsay has never been so alone in her life.

After a private investigator exposes her, she’s on the run once more. Her bottomless bag of tricks is empty, and she’s filling it to the brim with regrets and mistakes.

As danger builds, Lindsay can’t stop thinking about her dominant bosses. Maybe Romeo, Hawthorne, and Slade could save her.

Maybe… if they could find her.

My Thoughts

I really love this story and i’m really curious as to where it’s going.  We know that there’s still so much more to Lindsay’s story than what she’s told the guys so far and i can’t wait to see what the juicy bits are.  I think that the fact that there are 3 very dominating men in her life now, there will be enough safety and security for her to open up and let them help her out.

So where we find ourselves in this next installment is that Lindsay has run away from the guys if you recall and that she’s not in Millford Crossing, the town that she grew up, in the hopes of seeing her sister, yet she seems to be tooscared to really go to the mansion in case her grandfather is there and sees her.  that would be bad.

So we are with her while she’s holed up in hotel, hiding out and trying to bide her time, all the while she’s saddened that none of the guys have reached out to her and she’s even more upset that she’s feeling sad about that too.

It’s only when there’s an emergency with Bandit, the cat that Hawthorne rescued for her that things take a turn.  She’s forced to reach out to get the name of Hawthorne’s sister, and well, you can only assume that once contact is made, the men will come swooping in and take control again.  I think that the best bit here is that you just don;t know what that will mean for Lindsay and what she’ll have to give up in the meantime.

The nice thing about this short novella installment is that we get to the crux of a few things.  We slowly see that barriers are coming down and we see that there’s still a chance that she’ll open up to the men even if they prod her.  In return, they offer to give up some information about themselves too so that it’s a semi-even trade, and i think that it’s only going to make their relationship stronger – assuming that they are able to repair it.  and that’s still to be seen.

As we have come to expect from Ms. Peitsche, we get some GREAT scening.  while it’s limited here in this 77 page installment, what we do get is great.  It’s the mix of Naughty BDSM and group activities that i don’t know what i’d do without when i read her series.  While it’s not my personal thing, the way that it’s written is still hot and you can see that there’s such chemistry between these 4 that you can help but be intrigued and turned on.

So with that thought, i’ll leave you and i guess well just have to wait and see what’s next.  i think that their relationship is getting to a point where it’s got to take a big leap or things will fall apart, and then there’s the tension of grandfather and what it is that he has over Lindsay and vice versa.  so…..Enjoy!

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