Review: Tame Me (Stark International #0.5) by J Kenner


Title:  Tame Me
Author: J Kenner
Publisher/Year:  Evil Eye Concepts 3/21/15
Length: 131 pages
Series: Stark International #0.5


Aspiring actress Jamie Archer is on the run. From herself. From her wild child ways. From the screwed up life that she left behind in Los Angeles. And, most of all, from Ryan Hunter-the first man who has the potential to break through her defenses to see the dark fears and secrets she hides.

Stark International Security Chief Ryan Hunter knows only one thing for sure-he wants Jamie. Wants to hold her, make love to her, possess her, and claim her. Wants to do whatever it takes to make her his.

But after one night of bliss, Jamie bolts. And now it’s up to Ryan to not only bring her back, but to convince her that she’s running away from the best thing that ever happened to her–him.

My Thoughts

I think that it’s safe that we are all rooting for Jamie and finally seeing her happy is amazing.  We’ve come to know and love her through Nikki in the Stark Series, and not only is she an amazing best friend, she’s had it rough in LA  trying to be a successful actress and getting used by the people that she meets.  She’s made some really bad choices over the years and has finally decided that The Plan is the best way for her to find herself, get grounded and maybe have a chance at being happy back in LA.

We are reunited with her on the night of Nikki’s wedding where the happy couple has left for their honeymoon and Jamie and Ryan Hunter (Damian’s head of security) are closing things out at the party and their house.  You guys can all recall throughout the main series that there’s been a great chemistry between Ryan and Jamie, yet they’ve never acted on it.  It’s been driving Jamie crazy and maybe this is the night to see what’s going on.

What happens next, well it’s the point of no return since it’s a complete opposite ideal than what her Plan tells her to do.  getting involved with him even for the night will make things go upside down when she really just needs to stay away from men and find herself.  Lucky for her, he turns her down and that makes things even more interesting.

So it’s when Jamie is resigned to just going back to Texas to sort herself out, Ryan flips the tables again, and from then on we see a really passionate roller coaster with someone who wants nothing more than to protect and savor Jamie, and while she wants him, she wants to fight him too.  And she runs….

J Kenner continues to weave this amazing story that you want to get involved in.  While we got a tease that there was something more between these 2, it’s not an entirely predictable path that we go on to get there.  They fight one another and there are demons that caused this.  We also get the revisting of a few folks that caused some of the pain and turmoil in Jamie’s life and it’s always interesting to see if jealousy makes things happen at a faster pace.

Never the less, we get an intro into the dark and stormy side that Ryan (Hunter) has, his proclivity to BDSM and how he’s showing that to Jamie and learns her responses to it.  It’s nice to see that we get that path with these 2 since it’s hinted among some of the others that we’ve read about but yet never fully experience.  I think that while this is a little novella that we’ve seen teased in the ARC i read last night, i think that we’ll be fortunate to see more of them if their relationship is something that can be made to work since Jamie’s set on going back to TX and Ryan’s in LA.  so, with that, i’ll leave you with my suggestion to enjoy it on a nice Sunday afternoon!

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