Review: Sure Thing (Sure Mastery #2) by Ashe Barker


Title:  Sure Thing
Author: Ashe Barker
Publisher/Year: Total-E-Bound Publishing 1/31/14
Length: 240 pages
Series: Sure Mastery


He wants her body, but will she surrender her soul too? Despite her fears, is submission her only choice?

As their relationship deepens, Ashley is terrified and fascinated by her enigmatic lover, and drawn towards the seductive promise of surrender to him. But she’s escaped one abusive relationship, and it cost her dearly. How can she be sure that the exquisite pain promised by her dominant, masterful partner will be any more acceptable? And will the pleasure be worth the price? Can she take a risk? Will the reward be there for her?

He wants her, but he wants her surrender too. And Tom Shore knows just how to get it. He uses his sensual expertise and talent to arouse her desire, but can he win back her trust? Sure mastery leads to absolute surrender-or does it?

As Ashley reaches tentatively for happiness, will it be brutally snatched away? Can she find a way to forgive Tom and move on? Despite their past, can they build a future together, or even just settle for here and now? As her Master strengthens his sensual hold on her, Ashley has to make her choice.

My Thoughts

I’ve been reading this next installment to the series at the same time as a few others because my attention has been really scattered lately.  I don’t think that it has anything to do with the story here since i really enjoyed the first intro to the series and this continuation of the story takes us on a really nice journey of what limits are in reality and in life and what that means for this couple.  While i’ve become accustomed to a ‘new sub’ questioning whether she’s really submissive, and ultimately letting go of control, i think that this is a struggle for Ashley and that’s the underlying theme to this bridge book.

We were left off on a cliffhanger of sorts in the first book, knowing full well that things would end up ok.  They end up better than ok since it means that Ashely’s forced to look deeper into things with her and Tom and to better understand what that means for her in her life – both romantically and sexually.  She’s finding security with Tom and what they have, yet she’s still questioning whether she has what it takes to make him happy and decides whether she can push herself far enough to keep him.

I think that perhaps that’s where i’m lost a bit in this story.  I get that there’s an internal struggle here for her and that Tom’s patience is something to be impressed by but i think that there is a bit too much of a push away from her and that’s not necessarily attractive in this genre since it undermines his role as the Dom.  What i said before though about Ashe Barkers ability to really make you want to invest in characters and a story line – that holds true here and it’s something that keeps me engaged.

We’re given little hints and teases about what could be and there’s always a semi-unexpected wrench put into things that makes you wonder what’s truly going to come next in their relationship.  I hope that we get to see things progress and that we see that there’s a chance for happiness for everyone, even with the little surprise that comes up at the end.

But back to the D/s bit of things, one of my favorite things about this genre is being able to see our characters engage and participate in clubs and that’s something that becomes a focal point in this installment.  We get to see that there’s a lot of apprehension that Ashley has and that as a Dom, Tom is going to push her as far as she can go, and in that one moment when she lets go, it’s hot and it’s steamy and it’s something that anyone who wants to be in the community would truly appreciate.  Personally , all the talk of having a St Andrew’s cross in the apartment makes me hate that i live in an urban environment myself and clearly don’t have the room for something like that.  Think about how much fun that could be?  In any event, i hope that you’re all having a great week so far and now it’s on to the next!

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