Review: Surefire (Sure Mastery #3) by Ashe Barker


Title:  Surefire
Author: Ashe Barker
Publisher/Year: Totally Bound Publishing 1/31/14
Length: 183 pages
Series: Sure Mastery #3


Now her submission is complete, will her Master still be there when she needs him most, or will the ghosts of her past destroy their fragile future?


Ashley and Tom’s sensual journey continues as an old friend returns to Black Combe. As her business flourishes and her relationship with Tom deepens, Ashley is happy—truly happy—and looking forward to the future. Then, without warning, her world is shattered once more as her past comes crashing back, violence and malevolence crushing her new-found happiness and threatening all she now holds dear.


Shocked and horrified as she learns the terrifying truth, Ashley has to battle for her own survival and that of the tiny life just starting inside her. Can her Master protect her? Is there a future for them after all?

My Thoughts

So….to be honest, i was getting a bit bored with where this story was going from the last installment and was really just pushing through this last one since i hate to leave things unfinished.  There was a surprise though – when we thought that the story was just on Ashley coming to terms with who she is, we also find that there’s a bit of a survivor story there and one of someone who needs to push herself to heal.  Which is what Tom as a good dom should do and does.

Throughout this story, we’re really just put through the paces with them, they are in an ok place in their relationship, Tom continues to push Ashley’s limits in the bedroom (and dungeon) and well, it’s something that’s finally getting to be more manageable.  Meaning that while she fights him on things, she’s open minded and lets him have at it.

We meet a few interesting folks that pop up in this installment.  a past lover from Nathan’s past that really changed his life and made him miserable when she left.  She had a secret though and that secret comes to a head which is a good thing for EVERYONE.

Then there’s the identification of Ashley’s dad and all of the questions that come along with that.  Does he know about her, does he even WANT to know about her and what will that mean.  It adds a nice layer of realism and depth that was a bit lacking.

And then there’s the expected bits of close calls with death, psychos coming looking for someone (or someones) and a wonder of what that will mean for people with questionable pasts.

All in all, i’m glad that i made it through the series since along with all that we get some AMAZING scening, some great D/s interactions with gadgets, equipment, toys, jewelry and all the heat and passion that’s oh so necessary to make a BDSM erotica complete.  Tom is the kind of guy that you WANT to have around – masculine, rugged yet very refined when needed and that’s just HOT in my book.  so enjoy!

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