Cover Reveal: Faith by Amy-Beth



Title: Faith

Author: Amy-Beth

Release Date: July 18, 2015

Tour organiser: Book-Lover bookblog

Morning All,

I wanted to share the latest in cover reveals with you this morning since i know that it’s always in the front of my mind what i can read next and what i can look forward to .  Please take a minute (or 2) to check this one out and otherwise, have a GREAT Thursday!




Two brothers have fought with every fibre of there being to rescue the girls of their dreams. For every up they’ve faced…resulted in an epic downfall waiting to happen. Just when they thought everything was going swimmingly, another twist was thrown into the making.

However now is the time to pull together, the boys are getting ready to plan the biggest day of their entire lives. With the help of little Mia can both Bailey and Wyatt pull off the biggest job they have ever encountered?

Will everything go to plan? Or will someone from their past show up and ruin it all?

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