Review: Breaking Love (Full Hearts #2) by MJ Summers


Title:  Breaking Love
Author: MJ Summers
Publisher/Year: MJ summers 10/28/14
Length: 304 pages
Series:  Full Hearts #2


Luc Chevalier, successful businessman and well-known heart breaker, has everything he desires: power, luxury, beautiful women . . . and no strings attached. Now, an accidental meeting is about to make him question everything.
Megan Sullivan is a single mom with a rather ordinary life. She is comfortable with things just the way they are. She has a six-year-old son, Elliott, a cozy house in Boulder, Colorado, and a photography business to put food on the table. Her ex lives hours away in Florida, which is plenty close enough. Megan is on her own and she intends to keep it that way.

On a chance trip to Paris with her best friend, Megan stumbles into Luc’s seemingly perfect world. They agree to one night together and no more. Yet that night changes Megan. Luc manages to draw out the passionate woman that Megan has carefully hidden away for years. But she knows she’s out of her depth: Luc is beautiful, ruthless and – somewhere deep down inside – irreparably damaged.

Can two people who’ve yet to find true happiness put aside their fears and fight for what they truly want?

One thing is for sure: life won’t, life can’t, ever be the same again.

My Thoughts

Well, i was definitely hoping that we’d get to know Luc a bit more after meeting him in the first installment in the series, and i’m SO very happy to see that the man that we saw then really isn’t the only bits of the true man.  Arrogant yes, sexy yes, but really truly romantic and that’s what i love about mains.

Megan on the other hand is one of those women who’s been burned by an ex that she loved and thought she could fix, and because of that experience, she’s devoted her life solely to her son and will never even think about a man in the sense of long term.  or even short term.  It’s only when Haper gets under her skin that she is able to live a little and really enjoy what’s to be had.

Megan allows herself one night with the sexy Luc and when she’s finally allowed herself to enjoy a man, and be sensual and sexy, well, the other shoe drops via Simone, Luc’s long time assistant, and woman who’s been in love with Luc for years with feelings that aren’t returned.  She’s one to watch out for since the one thing that she does to break these 2 apart certainly cannot be the only thing that she’ll do.

The journey that we go on here is one of enjoyment, no expectations, and well, some GREAT sex.  They fully satisfy one another in bed, but of course when they say no strings, you know that there will be strings that develop and that’s where the questions lead us that are unknown.  While they’ve come to an agreement that they will do long distance and exclusive yet with no expectations, it’s when an accident happens that things are thrown for a loop.

Just when things seem like they are working out, they decide to part ways, and of course the great and wonderful (not) simone pops back up, and the question is has she done something so horrible that the 2 will never get back together or is there hope.  I don’t know that we’ll get all the answers – but i suggest that you guys read on and check it out.

Thanks again to Netgalley for getting me a copy of this, and i now have book 3 to read and enjoy – so on that note – happy sunday all and i hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

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