99¢/99p sale price for books in the H.I.S. series by Sheila Kell

20150704 Aug 1-7 sale promo ad 2

H.I.S. series 99¢/99p SALE

Aug 1-7, 2015

99¢/99p sale price for books in the H.I.S. series by Sheila Kell

Meet the hot-bodied men of Hamilton Investigation and Security, Inc. (H.I.S.) who will do whatever it takes to achieve their clients’ goals, especially when it involves family and the women who steal their hearts.

HIS Desire (H.I.S. Novel #1 – stand-alone)

Can he save her when his heart and his past have put them in jeopardy?

H.I.S. leader, Jesse Hamilton, fights to keep FBI Special Agent alive from a villain threatening to kill her to get back at him.

★★★★★ “This is my first book by Sheila Kell, but it will not be my last. I was engaged from the very beginning. I can’t wait to download the next book in this series. Review on Amazon.com

Purchase link (most countries)

amazon-logo-798x3107 - HIS Desire teaser-You belong here

HIS Choice (H.I.S. Novel #2 – stand-alone)

Will the choice he makes mean certain death to the woman he promised to protect?

20150525_HIS CHOICE_ebook_500x750Wayward baby brother, AJ Hamilton, as a hit-man for a crime lord, is sent to threaten investigative reporter Megan Rogers, but finds himself attempting to save her instead.

★★★★★”I will give it 5 stars as there isn’t any more to give. Review on Amazon.com

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