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Morning All.  So I’ve had the pleasure of linking up with Red Moon Book Tours and one of their authors Jennifer RIchards to get a bit of time to pick her brain on what she does, why and what’s next.

Me: First – Thank you for taking the time to talk to me, and i’m sure my readers will really be thrilled to pick your brain a bit.  Let’s start off slow – How did you get started in writing – what inspired you and specifically what inspired you to write in this genre?

Jennfier: In my early teens I stumbled upon Anne Rice’s The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty Series and thought, “Oh yeah, I could write smut and be happy!” I never thought I actually would though. I would start story after story and leave it behind as life demanded attention. Early this year a friend told me to try again and I did. Thankfully, her urging was exactly what I needed.

Me:  That’s great actually.  I think that Anne Rice is an author that a lot of younger (and i guess less younger) readers can relate to as finding the category.  Great gateway series of sorts I suppose.  Are there any authors in the genre that you gravitate towards or get inspiration from?  

Jennifer:  Anne Rice and Cherise Sinclaire. Their works are art and I look up to them very much.

Me:  That’s so cool actually that you love Cherise Sinclaire.  I have to admit, for any of my readers who have been with me for years, you’ll know that she was literally one of my first favorites in BDSM and Erotica that i really started getting into and couldn’t put down.  I think that’s actually why i found your writing to be so engaging since you find the same things to be intriguing.  How did you come up with the inspiration and the back story for this series and these characters? In Yes, Sir I’m really drawn to the disappointment that Abby has in her relationship since it pulls at some of my own heart strings.  Where did that idea come from to write her story?

Jennifer:  Yes, Sir was actually dream. Not all of it of course, but the showing up to a hotel and finding a box filled with fun things. When I woke I wondered how someone would get there. What would be the desperation that would force someone to take that chance? It didn’t take long to form a plan involving an evil Xbox and a husband who didn’t know how to provide what was being asked of him. While my husband provides for all my needs, I have many friends who struggle with communicating about their sexual needs for various reasons. I wanted my first book to be relatable and fun. A quick fantasy to hold housewives over until they could speak with their spouse about their desires.

Me:  Love that.  I feel like even if i have a dream that lays out a great storyline, i forget it almost immediately.  I think that you’ve stumbled upon something great here though, and i think that pulling from the opposite of what you get in real life and seeing what some others struggle to have, it’s a nice mix for a story.  In Burning Submission, how did you come up with the idea of bringing Gavin and Vicki together in a gym?  I feel like we often see connections made at parties or a friend’s house – so this is a nice change.  

Jennifer:  As they say, inspiration is everywhere. My husband is a huge gym rat and I tag along now and then. Mostly, people watching instead of working out, I could see how two people who have taken notice of each other in such a place would feel uncomfortable confronting each other. Having a jerk who wasn’t afraid to make himself known seemed like a good way for fate to bring Vicki and Gavin together.

Me:  So true – pulling from personal experiences for sure help to make a story more ‘relatable’ in sorts.  Speaking to you professionally, have you found that you have struggled in writing and getting published? Are there things that you’ve found that make the process easier?

Jennifer:  I have been very blessed to work with etopia Press. So far, *fingers crossed* everything I have sent them, they have agreed to publish. I think being a writer is easy, but being a mother and wife makes it difficult to find the time to put my thoughts to paper.

Me:  Preaching to the choir on that one.  Definitely agree that once you’re inspired, i can imagine that writing itself can be easier, but trying to find the balance with what you enjoy as a profession and the demands of life can be tough.  What’s next on the list for you?  I know that burning Submission is a book 1. Are you going to continue this series for a bit and are you writing any others in tandem?  

Jennifer:  Yes, Burning Submission is the first in The Submission Series. Book Two, An Agitated Gentleman should be out very soon, it’s in the hands of a wonderful editor and cover staff. An Agitated Gentleman continues Gavin and Vickie story. We get to see how their connection is growing and instead of Victoria stepping in a puddle of trouble every few feet, Gavin finds himself in the mud. On August 21st I have a stand alone novel being released titled Sinners. It’s also a BDSM erotica. About a Submissive named Tabby, who is in search of a Master. A man who will control her mind as well as her plus size body and appreciate all of the manners and respect for BDSM protocol that she holds dear. She finds him in a sex club, hidden under a white mask. He floods all of her senses and asks her to be his. We get to see their relationship build from Master and sub to one of friendship and love. And as if that isn’t enough to keep you busy, I have another series under contract that will probably be out this winter or the beginning of next year. Its titled The Wet Series, the third book is still in the works and as of now they are all subject to changes so I won’t brag about ten too much.

Thank you very much for having me!

Me:  Thank you for taking the time.  

So you guys, if you haven’t had a chance to read either of these 2 books, please check them out.  As you can see, there’s a passion and quality to Jennifer’s writing and i think that you’ll be pleased in what you find.  Have a great day all!

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  1. I loved Yes, Sir by J. Richards, and I’m already enjoying her story Burning Submission. She is a great writer of some really fun, kinky smut. I can’t wait for Sinners to come out!

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