Release Blitz: Nothing Else Matters by Blair Babylon

Brand-new New Adult Rock Star Romance
from USA Today-Bestselling Author Blair Babylon!
The nail-biting conclusion to the Billionaires in Disguise: Georgie and Xan series
Nothing Else Matters
explores the depths of the heart and the healing power of love.
Release: October 27, 2015
Georgie broke up with Xan Valentine, the lead singer for the rock band Killer Valentine, the guy that Rolling Stone calls “sex incarnate.” The magazine isn’t wrong, but they don’t know the half of it. He’s the alpha-est male who ever walked onto a stage or into a bedroom and might be crazy, and Georgie is definitely in love with him. Plus, he hired her ex-boyfriend, her first “real” boyfriend, to play in the band, and now she’s stuck between them.
So she tried to leave. That’s what any sane girl would do.
And just as she feared, the Russian mafia kidnapped her.
She prays that Xan won’t try to rescue her because they said they’ll kill him. But she knows he will, even if it costs him everything.
Nothing Else Matters is the final book in the Georgie and Xan series.
Haven’t read the first one yet?
Get Every Breath You Take (Book 1) Here:
Excerpt from Nothing Else Matters
Georgie pushed the door open and found Alexandre sitting on the bed, his good arm resting across his bent knees. He was wearing his jeans, but he had on a blue hospital gown instead of a shirt. His hair was escaping his ponytail, blond strands of it glinting in the fading sunlight streaming in the long windows. His hurt arm rested in his lap behind his knees.
     He said, “Sorry about making you the fetch-andcarry girl.”
     “It’s fine. I don’t mind.” Georgie pulled the drape that cordoned off the door to the private room and scooted onto the foot of his bed, careful not to jostle the mattress too much under her legs.
     “Are you going to wear your jeans again?” he asked. His weak smile worried her. “It’s considered déclassé to not change into yet another designer outfit for the reception. Perhaps your black jeans?”
     “I have a dress that Flicka brought for me,” she told him. “It’s red.”
     “Too bad you don’t have that black dress with the silver chains from their civil wedding. It looked smashing on you.”
     “And on your floor.”
     “Indeed.” His smile grew a little warmer.
     “Are you okay?” she asked.
     He didn’t even glance at his hand, but his quiet voice was just slightly breathy. “I don’t think so.”
     “Is there anything I can do?”
     He shook his head, a slight movement from side to side, but his expression was still so calm.
     “Are you sure that you want to go tonight? We don’t have to. We can just stay in Geneva tonight, if that would be better. I’d stay with you.”
     “It wouldn’t matter. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow because the best surgeon in Europe is flying in to do it. Going now wouldn’t change anything. A distraction might be welcome.”
     “Well, then. Let’s get this party started,” Georgie said, bracing her arms on her knees to stand and get their clothes.
     He lifted his wrapped arm from his lap where it had been hidden behind his legs and the long part of the hospital gown. Elastic bandages wrapped his forearm and hand down to his fingertips where the ends of a foam and silver splint stuck out of the beige cloth. “I don’t know how I’ll get clothes on over this.”
     Georgie smiled, cocking her head and looking up from the corner of her eyes like she had been very smart. “I called the concierge at the hotel and got sewing supplies. I have scissors and a needle, and white thread for the shirt and black thread for the jacket. I can sew you into it. If they look closely, it might look like Frankenstein,” she admitted. “But if they don’t, the tux should cover most of that.”
     A slow smile grew on his face while she spoke. He said, “That’s amazing.”
     She patted his long, bare foot because it was closest to her. “It’s okay, man. I’ll just grab those garment bags.”
     Georgie slid off the end of the bed and got the garment bags from Friedhelm, who looked entirely relaxed leaning against the wall, pleasantly hanging out with Paul, except that his brown eyes tracked everyone who moved in the long hospital hallway. He had a resting sweet face.
     When she brought the bags back to Alexandre, he was already standing up and was shrugging off the cotton hospital gown, facing her. The cotton slid down his chest and dropped to the floor. She hoisted the bags up and hung them on the curtain track that ran near the ceiling. “Let’s get you dressed first,” she said. “You’ll wrinkle less.”
     “You can wait outside,” he said. “I’ll just be a minute. Then we can sew me in.”
     “Oh, come on. I’ll just help you button up the shirt.” He unbuttoned his jeans with his one hand and shoved them down his long legs. “I don’t need any help.”
     “One last night, okay?”
     “I beg your pardon?” he asked as he sat on the bed and yanked the denim off his foot with one hand.
     “One last night. I’m going to Atlanta tomorrow. Let me help you.”
     “I keep hearing that, but you never leave.”
     “Now you’re daring me,” she said. He pulled the other leg of his jeans off his foot and threw them behind himself on the pillow. He wore blue boxer-briefs that hugged his slim hips and rode below the ripples of his abs. Red-gray bruises stained his skin on his ribs and thighs, mostly on his left side.
     He said, “I am merely commenting on a trend. One that I like.”
     “Well, I’m just saying that you should let me help you because this really is our last night,” she said, trying not to look at the bleeding under his skin. “Don’t push me away, even for a minute, even to just get dressed.”
     “Then don’t go to Atlanta,” he said.
     She ignored him because she ignored the people on the sidewalks of Southwestern State who hollered that little green men were following her, too. Indulging in fantasies was not something that the Ice Princess did.
     She said, “Even now. Even just for a few minutes. Just pretend that I’m helping you so I can stay.”
     He blinked, those lush eyelashes blinking over his dark eyes. “All right.”
     “So we need to get ready for the reception,” she said.
     He nodded, some of his blond hair slipping over his shoulder.
     “Do you want to shower?” she asked.
     He gestured to the splint and bandages on his left hand and shrugged his strong shoulder, pulling up the ripples of muscle along his torso.
     Yeah, his splint and bandages shouldn’t get soggy.
     “I can give you a sponge bath,” Georgie said. “Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in hospitals?”

Review: The Rose Society (Young Elites #2) by Marie Lu


Title:  Rose Society
Author: MArie Lu
Publisher/Year: Penguin Young Readers Group 10/13/15
Length:  291 pages
Series:  Young Elites #2


Once upon a time, a girl had a father, a prince, a society of friends. Then they betrayed her, and she destroyed them all.

Adelina Amouteru’s heart has suffered at the hands of both family and friends, turning her down the bitter path of revenge. Now known and feared as the White Wolf, she and her sister flee Kenettra to find other Young Elites in the hopes of building her own army of allies. Her goal: to strike down the Inquisition Axis, the white-cloaked soldiers who nearly killed her.

But Adelina is no heroine. Her powers, fed only by fear and hate, have started to grow beyond her control. She does not trust her newfound Elite friends. Teren Santoro, leader of the Inquisition, wants her dead. And her former friends, Raffaele and the Dagger Society, want to stop her thirst for vengeance. Adelina struggles to cling to the good within her. But how can someone be good, when her very existence depends on darkness?

My Thoughts

I love that this series is so different from Legend – and it’s dark.  I feel like while others by Ms Lu were optimistic, this one is just dark and foreboding.  Like the summary above says, we’re rejoined with Adelina after she’s been cast out of the Daggers, and her world is upside down.  Teren has killed Enzo, the prince of Kenettra and not only was he a royal, he and Adelina had something developing – a great bond that was torn.  It’s because of illusions and poor judgement calls and betrayal that led to his death and murder, and well now Adelina is left to figure out how she can gain a following and power to overthrow her once friends and avenge everything that’s ever been done.

Where we go on this 2nd installment is on a path of power and fear.  As the summary also says, Adelina’s powers are getting stronger – she knows what she’s capable of and the voices that are dark and fearsome in her head are really bringing her into her own.  Is it a good thing?  well i don’t know – i feel like there are moments throughout this story where you want to believe that she’s really after giving malfettos a better life – that she wants everyone who’s suffered to be able to be free, ye i think that as the story progresses, we see that she’s power hungry and she’s really after something for herself.

The way that this story is told is that each chapter is from a character’s point of view.  some get several in a row, but really what we have are Adelina, Raffaele, Maeve and a few others – showing what they are going through at a given time.

As everyone knows, there are more folks out there with powers as a result of the Blood Fever and Adelina is looking to gather some of her own to create her own army to overthrow the royals.  She’s found several that have amazing powers, some that have been cast out by The Daggers, and in turn she creates The Rose Society.  Along side her, her sister Violetta stands – with her own power that’s gradually getting stronger.  It’s a twist at the end – something that Violetta discovers that really turns things badly, and i think that it’s safe to say that where we usually end up on a cliff at the end of an installment wondering what’s next, it’s safe to say that Adelina and Violetta are in a bad place – and i wonder who’s going to end up alive, and on which side.

We see a new romance develop in a sense between Adelina and Magiano, another Elite, however it’s the raising of Enzo from the underworld that complicates things again.  While he was brought back from the dead and there’s a bond between him and Adelina since he’s tied to her to stay alive, there’s a darkness there that makes things that much worse.  He learns what happened when he was killed and that puts him against Adelina. There are several others that die, and several others that are changing alliances.

Personally, i can’t wait to see what happens.  We know that Adelina is power hungry and gets what she wants, but what’s the sacrifice especially when everyone turns their back on her.  I wonder if there’s hope for any romance for anyone here, and i wonder if the little bit of information that Violetta found will come true.  It would be a shame but it’s valid.

So on that note, enjoy this sci fy esque series – and have a great weekend!

Release Blitz: Bailey by Amy Beth


Title: Bailey
Author: Amy-Beth
Series: Mistaken Series
Release Date: October 16, 2015
Not many people could thank there asshole of an uncle for
much, me on the other hand could thank him for one thing, and one thing
only…Morgan. Waking up in a hospital room was not on my bucket list. However,
it’s over, no-more assholes thinking they can take what is mine, what belongs
to me! Or at least that is what I thought….

I didn’t expect the years would have this effect
on me. I’m the badass here, I am not weak, I don’t back down from a fight. So
why the hell, when I walk into a room, a flash back comes back so powerful it
could be as if I am reliving it all. I am supposed to be the strength, the
protector and I am just being a coward.

That was until Mia came along, and news which
would shake me to the core.

My name is Bailey and I am the son of the Infamous
Harry ‘Fucking’ King, and now it’s time for my story…so you better pay
Buy Link:
Author Bio:
Amy Beth is the author of the dark erotica Mistaken Series,
Christmas with the Dragon and other soon to be releases. After reading books
from her favourite authors she decided to take the bull by the horns and get
the story that has been driving her crazy for years out there.

Amy lives with her partner in crime Paul in Wigan, England and has
been living there for many years. A blogger at heart she is never too far away
from a good book. Even when she is working in her retail job, the kindle isn’t
too far behind.

Reading has always been a passion and every opportunity to read is
taken, even when Amy is on holiday. (Was even reading a ARC on her wedding
day). Books whether reading, writing or reviewing have always come first to
everything else in my life, unless Vampire Diaries or The Original’s are on the

Amy has a serious love of Reese’s peanut butter cups, KitKat
peanut butter, root beer oh and don’t forget the crunchy cheetos. (seriously
doesn’t help with her weight loss at Slimming World.

Amy Beth’s biggest problem is, she is  NEVER off Facebook and
counts on all her friends to keep her going. Feel free to add or follow Amy,
she will always be around. Her mobile is like an old fashioned
landline…always plugged into the mains.

Review: The Favorite (The Selection #2.6) by Kiera Cass


Title:  The Favorite
Author: Kiera Cass
Publisher/Year: HarperCollins 10/13/15
Length:  56 pages
Series:  The Selection #2.6


While America Singer’s heart was torn between Aspen and Prince Maxon, her friend Marlee knew exactly what she wanted—and paid the price.

Revisit the captivating world of Kiera Cass’s #1 New York Times bestselling Selection series in this digital original novella. Told from Marlee’s point of view, this all-new 64-page story returns to the fateful Halloween when Marlee and Carter were discovered and reveals how that night—and Prince Maxon—changed their lives forever.

The Favorite also features a teaser to The Siren!

Epic Reads Impulse is a digital imprint with new releases each month.

My Thoughts

I love this series and i think that since we were already so invested in Marlee throughout America’s journey, and then once again when we got into the spin off series with Eadlyn.  I feel like Marlee had so much more to offer, that a novella is great, but i feel like maybe we were cheated a bit since this was just a bit of a brush off when we got into the whole situation.

I love that we got to see how Marlee and Carter got together, since we knew only that it happened, but not that there was a fall that he took care of her for, that he was romantic and brought her flowers and that there was so much conflict internally for both of them as to what to do.  There was a bit of confusion though with how our great author depicted things since there was a flash back bit and then a fast forward, and i’m just confused.

So all that being said, we definitely get a sweet bit of the story – i loved that we got to see the changes that Maxon and America started to put into place once they became the king/queen roles, and i think it’s a good lead in to the spin off series.  I wish we had more, but it was enjoyable none the less.  Happy Thursday all!

Review: Protected by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #10) by Cleo Peitsche


Title:  Protected by a Dangerous Man
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year: Pouch Productions 10/5/15
Length:  209 pages
Series:  By a Dangerous Man #10


He’s the man she’s been waiting for, but can she trust him?

Bounty hunter Audrey is close to solving her first big private investigation case, no thanks to her lying clients. But their omissions pale in comparison to what mysterious billionaire Corbin Lagos has been guarding under lock and key in his office.

Audrey doesn’t have time to confront Corbin, not when he’s determined to eliminate Henry Heigh once and for all. Keeping Corbin’s protective instincts in check is a game she can’t win, and the extremes he’ll go to will change their lives forever.

My Thoughts

We’ve been on this very long journey with these characters and it’s about time that we got to the conclusion of their story.  We know that Corbin and Audrey have had their ups and downs and the question that remains is what will it take to get back to the up and stay there.

When we left this couple, things were bubbling over all over the place.  there was the concern that Henry was still out to get Audrey (and by get i mean kill) and that Corbin was going to kill him first.  Then there was the story line of Corbin’s ex (sort of) wife who was still alive and wondering what her story was.  And then there’s the story line with Neil/JD and clan, and wondering who killed whom, and why – for what motivations.

So as you can imagine, knowing that Ms. Peitsche usually writes novella style books, it was going to be a big question of how that was all going to get resolved – but the great thing here, we got a full length – 200+ pages to finalize everything.

There’s still a lot of strange stuff going on that you’ll see – major trust issues, knowing that Audrey is being lied to by just about everyone, and the question becomes which story line will have a happy ending.

Sprinkled throughout thankfully though was the intense passion, heat and chemistry that i have come to expect from our author.  There’s still something insane and heated between Audrey and Corbin that is so hard to tame and i don’t know that we even want to.  In addition to their love story (since it truly is one) there’s such a great sexual story going along with it.  Showing us that Audrey is more mature than she even knew, and that even she can experience heat and passion like never expected before.

As expected,we get to see stories culminate with some deaths, some lies, some of the stories not quite tied up as expected but still resolved enough to avoid question.  I think that there’s still a lot to wonder about Rob and Jennifer – what would happen there if left to simmer and then there’s Sara – JD’s sister and her who life.  So while so much was resolved, still so much to wonder.  all in all,  a great finale to the series.  Enjoy!

Review: Preschooled by Anna Lefler


Title:  Preschooled
Author: Anna Lefler
Publisher/Year: Full Fathom Five Digital 10i/1/15
Length:  336 pages


Behind the toddler-proof gate of Santa Monica’s exclusive Garden of Happiness, it’s the grown-ups who are getting schooled.

When new preschool parent Justine discovers that the man who broke her heart back in grad school is a dad in her daughter’s class, she tells herself she’s immune to the superficial charms of the ex she calls “the crapwizard.” But when his presence opens a time tunnel of potent memories from her life before motherhood, she must find a way to defuse her old attraction to him before it undermines her marriage.

Then there’s Ruben, rookie stay-at-home dad and standup comic who quits his day job to pursue his TV-writing dream on his wife’s condition that he take her place among the “power mommies” on the school committees.

And ruling the sand box with an iron fist is Margaret, whose ongoing divorce from her dentist-turned-New Age-surfer husband forces her to rely on her dubious people skills in order to keep the school that has become the cornerstone of her identity.

When the new school year kicks off with a flight-risk rabbit named Ozone, a school secretary in desperate need of a social filter, and some double-barreled committee recruiting tactics, it’s not all juice and cookies for Justine, Ruben, and Margaret as they struggle to play nice.

My Thoughts

First off i should thank the kind folks at Netgalley for getting me a copy of this book to read.  Granted it took me far longer to finish it than i expected (not for the books reasons i have to say) but at least i finally found some time to get through it.  I’ll thank the LIRR for that since commuting definitely gives me an hour each way to read.

So in this story, we get a nice dose of chick lit – it’s a story that’s based on a rotation of characters’ chapters, showing us how everything is intertwined.  You don’t ever know who’s really the focal point here, if it’s Margaret, the owner of Garden of Happiness, Justine, a new mom to the school who’s going through her own stuff at home, or if it’s Reuben, a dad of twins at the same school who’s trying to deal with his stuff.  Note that they all have stuff going on.

Where this story takes us is a path to see how resilient you are when you’re forced into situations that you didn’t expect.  Margaret is going through a divorce which may result in her having to sell her school.  Along that same path, her daughter’s a freshman in college and is caught in the middle of said divorce.

Then there’s Justine, her daughter is new to the school and is forcing her to really become one of the mom set.  If that weren’t bad enough, the family assigned to show her the ropes is none other than the guy who broke her heart in grad school.  so things of course get more complicated.  and if that still weren’t enough, she thinks that her husband is having an affair with the office trollup.

Then there’s the final story line of Reuben – he’s a dad of twins, and a comedian who’s lost his mojo.  His wife works in a job that she hates, meaning that he has to make something work in the comedy realm, and participate in school stuff and well, at least there’s a silver lining there for him.  He’s found his groove a bit.

Anyhow, the course of this story shows us that not everyone is perfect – assuming the impression that you got of them in life was perfect.  Everyone’s got their stuff going on, and i think that there’s a lot of growth that can be done and is done.  where we net out with the story and the journeys of all these folks is a nice place and i think that you see that all is resolved, even if there are several surprises.  On that note, i hope you guys enjoy this book – it gave me a sense of hope when i’m stressed, without being too preachy.  Enjoy!

ARC Review: For His Pleasure (Playboys of Boston #2) by Suzanne Rock


Title:  For His Pleasure
Author: Suzanne Rock
Publisher/Year: St Martin’s Press 12/1/15
Length:  246 pages
Series:  Playboys of Boston #2


A sensual tale about the risks and rewards of falling in too deep-and loving it.

Tired of living a lie, Arianna Perconti leaves her fiancé at the altar and runs into the arms of her family’s fiercest rival, Jason Stone. Hoping to cash in on their ‘friends-with-benefits’ arrangement while hiding out from bitter relatives, Ari instead finds herself falling deeply, desperately in love with the sexy hotelier. Jason is everything she never knew she wanted-yet she will do absolutely everything to show him she means business. In bed…

Jason lives in the fast lane and has the race cars to prove it. A born adrenaline junkie, he must admit that Ari is the perfect partner for his heart-pumping bedroom games. The problem? The relationship is starting to deepen, but is Jason really cut out to be a one-woman kind of man? The question haunts his days, only fueling the passion he and Ari share during those hot, hot nights. But when an estranged sibling enters the picture, threatening to take away everything he holds dear, Jason is forced to make a decision: Say goodbye to his wild ways or risk losing Ari forever?

My Thoughts

First off i need to thank the folks at St Martin’s Press and Netgalley for getting this continuation of the series to me early.  there’s nothing i love more than having the chance to continue  with a story that i’ve loved – before it’s available to the masses.

In this 2nd installment of the series, we are focusing on Ari, the sister of the Perconti family, after she’s decided that she can’t go through with the faux marriage that her brothers had set up in the hopes of saving their business.  Neither Ari nor the man she was supposed to marry wanted to go through with it because their tastes and emotions lay elsewhere, and of course there’s going to be an issue when all hell breaks loose.  The nice thing with this story though is that we got the tease of it in the first book, and then when this one starts, it’s actually a flash back in time about a year, when Ari had met the man that she actually has feelings for – a man who is really bad for her to be in a relationship of any sort, because he’s the owner of the biggest competitor to her family’s business.

So here we are, in ‘present’ day – when Ari’s left her wedding, gone to be with the guy that she shouldn’t and of course if that’s not bad enough, you know that there’s got to be a lot more that will happen.  True to Ms Rock’s style, we have a story that’s relatively complex in the depth of story line for each character – reminding us of course of what’s gone on in the past with characters that we met in book 1.  The other bit too is that there’s not just the story line with Ari and then Ari and Jason, but we learn that Jason has his own issues, and while we don’t go into significant depth on things, we get to see that he hasn’t always been as clean as a whistle and that comes to bite him in the butt.

Where this story takes us in on a path of intense passion between Ari and Jason, personal growth and a fight for independence from Ari, a challenge of what’s more important with Jason, family and past, or the future and what can be.

The twist at the end, and the cliffhanger of sorts that we’re left on is a really intense one.  I think that it’s safe to say that it was expected, but the turn that it took in the epilogue, well that wasn’t necessarily something that i expected to see, and i can’t wait to see how it plays out.  The question will just become, is this something that the Percontis and the Stones can come out of on the positive, will there be relationships that are killed in the meantime and who’s going to end up on the positive side of business.  So all in all a lot to think about and i can’t wait to get my hands on that next installment.  Have a great day everyone!

Blog Tour: Dixie Moons by Shirleen Davies

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Gabe Evans is a man of his word with strong
convictions and steadfast loyalty. As the sheriff of Splendor, Montana,
the ex-Union Colonel and oldest of four boys from an affluent family, Gabe
understands the meaning of responsibility. The last thing he wants is another
commitment—especially of the female variety.
Until he meets Lena Campanel…
Lena’s past is one she intends to keep
buried. Overcoming a childhood of setbacks and obstacles, she and her friend,
Nick, have succeeded in creating a life of financial success and devout loyalty
to one another. 
When an unexpected death leaves Gabe the sole
heir of a considerable estate, partnering with Nick and Lena is a lucrative
decision…forcing Gabe and Lena to work together. As their desire grows,
Lena refuses to let down her guard, vowing to keep her past hidden—even from a
perfect man like Gabe.
But secrets never stay buried…
When revealed, Gabe realizes Lena’s secrets
are deeper than he ever imagined. For a man of his character, deception and
lies of omission aren’t negotiable. Will he be able to forgive the deceit? Or
is the damage too great to ever repair? 
“I hope I’m not too late.” Lena stopped
behind Gabe’s chair, ignoring the venomous look on Nick’s face.
No one spoke as they took in the dress she’d
chosen. Discarding her usual clothing with full-length sleeves and conservative
neckline, she wore a bright green dress of silk, cut low in the front, with
capped sleeves and black lace, a black shawl draped over her back and arms. The
dress hugged every curve, leaving little to the imagination. The deep red
lipstick and rouge replaced the minimal makeup she’d always preferred.
“Um…that’s quite a pretty color on you,
Lena.” Abby’s gaze shifted between Lena, Nick, and Gabe, knowing Gabe hadn’t turned
to see her attire.
“Why, thank you. It’s a dress I’ve been
wanting to wear for some time.”
Gabe’s eyes narrowed as he shifted in his
seat, and for the first time, saw what everyone else already had.
“What the hell?” He shot from his chair,
taking her by the arm. The muscles in his jaw tightened and his eyes flared as
he took in her outfit. He’d never seen her dress as one of the girls in the
saloon, and he sure as hell didn’t like others to see her like this. “Do you
want to tell me what you think you’re doing dressed like that?” His low,
controlled, deep drawl should have been a warning of the inner turmoil about to
Her eyes widened as if in surprise. “You
don’t like my dress, Gabe? I borrowed it from Deborah. She mentioned it is a
customer favorite.” Smoothing the skirt with her hands, she looked up, resting
her gaze on Caroline. “Are you going to introduce me to your new lady, Gabe, or
should I do it myself?”
Tightening his grip on her arm, he turned her
toward the stairs. “Go ahead without us. Lena and I need to talk,” he called
over his shoulder as he guided her out and up the stairs to her room. “Key.” He
held out his hand.
Lena crossed her arms, refusing to do as he
“Fine.” One strong kick and
the door broke loose, flying open and slamming against the wall.


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Davies writes romance—historical, contemporary, and romantic suspense. She grew
up in Southern California, attended Oregon State University, and has degrees
from San Diego State University and the University of Maryland. During the day
she provides consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. But her
real passion is writing emotionally charged stories of flawed people who find
redemption through love and acceptance. 
She now lives with her husband in a beautiful town in northern Arizona.
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