Review: Billionaire Takes a Bride (Billionaire’s and Bridesmaids #3) by Jessica Clare


Title:  Billionaire Takes a Bride
Author: Jessica Clare
Publisher/Year: Tantor Media 10/13/15
Length:  259 pages
Series:  Billionaires and Bridesmaids #3


Billionaire Sebastian Cabral loves his family, he just doesn’t love their reality TV show, The Cabral Empire. So when his ex-girlfriend tries to rekindle their relationship on camera, Sebastian decides that drastic measures are in order.

By day, Chelsea Hall is a happy-go-lucky, rough and tumble roller derby skater. By night, she’s still living in fear of her past. Most of all, she just doesn’t want to be alone. And she really, really doesn’t want to date.

So when their mutual friends’ upcoming wedding turns Chelsea and Sebastian into fast friends, they realize they can solve both of their problems with one life-changing lie: a quick trip down the aisle.

But with one kiss, Chelsea and Sebastian suddenly realize that their pretend relationship is more real than either of them expected…

My Thoughts

i have to say that it’s so nice that Gretchen is having such a big wedding since it means that we’re going to get so many stories with the girls and their men.  The only concern that i have is that i feel like they are a bit out of order since there are bits revealed about some girls that i wonder if we should know or not.

Anyhow, in this 3rd installment of the series, we get to learn more about derby girl chelsea and Sebastian the Cabral Empire heir.  It’s an interesting dynamic here since they both have their own horrors in life and it’s through an interesting connection that they have that we see things take flight.

We learn right off the bat that chelsea experiences something unthinkable at the hands of a man, she’s now got this terror of being in the dark, of being around men and well about being alone.  So being paired with a guy for the wedding already amps up her nerves.

Then there’s Sebastian who’s a billionaire but who has to deal with the fact that his mom and family have a reality show that exploits them, and his ex gf of about a month wants back in on the fame and therefore he keeps getting pulled back into the show.

It’s through a mutual understanding between Chelsea and Sebastian that they figure out a way to solve their problems.  Seb is deemed to be safe for chelsea and Seb decides that Chelsea is the solve to his issues and they get ‘married’.  From there, our stories unfolds.

The questions that you have to wonder are whether or not Sebastian is going to be able to provide Chelsea with enough security and comfort to help her survive and if that security will turn into something more.  We also have to wonder if the marriage is enough to get the reality show off Sebastian’s back.  We spend much of the story wondering that, and i think that the slow build is exactly what they need.  It’s a wonder that our author has such a great creative mind to give us these amazing dynamics since i feel like with all the characters in these series – there’s a chance things will get stale and they just don’t.

true to form, we get a bit of romance and some really sensual passion – chemistry that really comes to life after the slow build.  Exactly what i was hoping for in this next installment and i think that you won’t be disappointed.  There’s also the right balance of predictability and fear when there’s a bit of tension and fear of course when one of our leads decides to leave the other because of a threat – and you have to wonder what the distance will do and who will cave first.  All in all, a nice continuation and i can’t wait to see which of our characters gets the next book . Enjoy!

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