Review: One Night with my Billionaire Master (City Sizzle #1) by Cynthia Sax


Title:  One Night with My Billionaire Master
Author: Cynthia Sax
Publisher/Year: Cynthia Sax 8/1/15
Length:  76 pages
Series:  City Sizzle #1


One night. No one must know.
This is the text I sent Logan Ross this morning. The billionaire financier is my father’s number one nemesis and has been pursuing me for months. He wants to own me, completely, promising exquisite pleasure balanced by equally intense pain, vowing to dominate me, to show me wicked things a virgin like myself shouldn’t be interested in.
But I am extremely interested, and I’ll risk everything—my job, my family, my future—to experience one night of total submission with this powerful Dom.
Will one night be enough for both of us?

My Thoughts

I’m a fan of Ms Sax, so i’m glad that we got another series to enjoy.  What i was surprised about though is that this first installment was a novella not a full length.  But that being said, there was a LOT packed into this intro.

We meet Ari – our leading lady when she’s hosting an event for her family’s company – per usual.  She’s seeking out Logan – an impressively successful businessman with whom she has a complicated relationship with.  See, he’s her father’s enemy, and well, it seems as though he’s quite taken by her and that means that he wants her, wants to own her and wants to protect her.  That’s really where this short story goes.

It’s on this night that they decide to cross the line of friend to lover, and of course that comes at a price.  See – Ari is the result of a bad decision that her father made.  He slept with her mother, who then got preggo and now she’s the spawn of a slut.  Her half siblings remind her of that ALL the time and well, that’s something that’s tough to live down, especially when you’re beautiful as she is of course.

What we get though is a quick glimpse into the lifestyle that Logan enjoys (BDSM) and understanding of what that means to Ari should she choose to pursue it.  (like she has a choice).  We also see the family dynamic get tossed upside down and it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out since that’s something that Arianne was fearful throughout.

All in all, a good intro, and i hope that you guys get a chance to read it.  i’m off to read book 2 now and i hope you have a nice monday!

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