Review: Glow (Glimmer and Glow #2) by Beth Kery


Title:  Glow
Author: Beth Kery
Publisher/Year: Penguin Publishing Group 12/1/15
Length:  350 pages
Series:  Glimmer and Glow #2


From the New York Times bestselling author of Because You Are Mine, When I’m With You, andThe Affair comes the sequel to Glimmer, the latest novel in the suspenseful and sensual new series about power, sex, and the secrets that can tear us apart, body and soul…

Alice Reed never dreamed she’d escape the stigma of her disturbing past. That’s why she was shocked when, out of the blue, she was recruited to join the elite Durand Enterprises by the enigmatic CEO himself, Dylan Fall. The erotic charge between them was fast and deliciously forbidden. But as Alice opened up to worlds she’d never known, everything changed once again with a stunning discovery: there’s much, much more concealed in the shadows of Alice’s troubling childhood, and her life is about to change forever.

Now, with another piece of the puzzle of Alice’s identity revealed, a mysterious adversary plots to destroy it all—and Dylan is determined to protect her. But as Alice’s sexual addiction to Dylan turns helplessly to love, she can’t help but wonder: how deeply can she really trust him? What were his true motives in drawing her close to him? And what other secrets does he know about her past that even she has yet to learn?

My Thoughts

Well, it’s been some time since we were left off on the theoretical cliff with both Dylan and Alice/Addie, so i’m glad that we were able to pick right back up with them to see where things were going. Alice is slowly beginning to get memories back with the help of Dylan, although there’s not much to garner from what she’s picturing, and she’s still skeptical.  Dylan though continues to invest himself wholeheartedly in both helping her uncover her past as well as proving that he loves HER now – as Alice even though he also loved Addie as the 4 yr old girl.

Where we are in the story is a few weeks into Camp, Alice is trying to help her Red Team build confidence in who they are and help them be successful in camp, all the while, trying to maintain some type of relationship with the other counselors, while trying to also solidify her position as one of the chosen to be junior Executives at Durand.  While we all know that it’s not something that will inevitably be necessary, should she be proven to actually be Addie, it’s something that she feels that she has to do for herself.

That never comes easy though right?  Brooke is dead set on hating her and making that hatred come through clearly.  Thad has mixed intentions as we’re coming to see.  We know that he has feelings for Alice, but where those feelings come from only comes to light at the very end.  The other thing is that he keeps trying to get into her ear to tell her to be wary of Dylan and to question the attention that he’s lavishing on her.

Not to be swayed, Alice continues on the path that she’s on, questioning everything, trusting almost nothing and pushing forward just to survive.

One of the things that i’ve come to really appreciate about our author’s style is that we not only get a really complex story line, one that’s filled with questions, conspiracies and doubt, but there’s so much heat and passion throughout – put in the right places at the right times that just build to just a hot and exciting place.  The chemistry between Dylan and Alice is undeniable and soooo steamy and hot that i can’t help but to read and re-read their scenes since i can’t get enough.

Where this story takes an interesting direction though is when several people know who Alice seems to think she is, and things get dicey.  One person that we’ve questioned throughout for his motives proves that the worry was correct – and founded.  It’s not until there’s a reason for a memory being triggered by Alice, and then something else coming to light in terms of an attack or 2 that makes things really take pause.  In addition to that, Dylan finds Lynn Durand’s journals which make us question even more.  So add that all in and then wonder a bit more about what’s real, what is what we were hoping, and what’s going to happen when facts don’t check out as we expect – well, it’s a great culmination to this tension ridden story.

I think that the fact that the last few chapters are jumps and jumps ahead in to the future, we get to see how thing are progressing, and that they are falling into place as they should, but not necessarily at the pace that we expect.

All in all, i’m really happy that Ms Kery decided to break this into 2 books since there was certainly enough to keep us engaged with Alice and Dylan.  I also kind of wish that there was more since i’m so into these 2 as a couple, but i think that it would have been drawn out too much so it’s fine as is.  All in all, a great finale to this series.  I hope you all agree.

Happy Thursday all and have a great holiday!

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