Review: Mistress Paige (My Reason to Cheat #4) by Lacey Silks


Title:  Mistress Paige
Author: Lacey Silks
Publisher/Year:  MyLit Publishing 6/20/13
Length:  24 pages
Series:  My Reason to Cheat #4


She’s lived with the mistake of choosing the wrong guy in high school, but Paige can no longer deny that Colin, now her dentist whom she rejected, has always held her heart. When Colin admits he shouldn’t have let her go, Paige can no longer lie about her feelings. Soon, their friendly appointment turns into a passionate session, geared to fulfill both their needs.

My Thoughts 

and the series continues – this time we get to see the connection from the book prior in the wife of the doctor – and get to perhaps glimpse a bit more into what’s going on here.  It’s yet another short novella – too short really -but still all a great set up.  Paige in this instance is the wife of the doctor from the conventions in the book prior, and we get to see that she is regretting a choice that she made in choosing the man to be her forever.  He decided that working was perhaps more important and that drives her to wonder if the boy from high school, ironically who was her husband’s partner in the dental practice was the right one.

True to Ms Silks style, again we get one really great steamy scene, you can feel that there’s so much of a connection and passion here that you really want to see what’s going to happen next.  will we?  who knows.  Enjoy!

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