Review: Mistress Amber (Reason to Cheat #5) by Lacey Silks


Title:  Mistress Amber
Author: Lacey Silks
Publisher/Year:  MyLit Publishing 6/20/13
Length:  14 pages
Series:  My Reason to Cheat #5


Amber doesn’t understand how her husband could have lied on their wedding day and for so many years since. At therapy she confesses she can no longer see a resolution to their marriage. Facing similar marital issues, her psychiatrist struggles to convince her how beautiful and worthy she is without showing her. The only therapy both need, is one which doesn’t involve clothing.

My Thoughts

and this fifth story closes the loop – as we are finally getting to the point where we’ve now met all the characters and we see how their stories and lives are intertwined.  Amber is interested in her therapist who is married and has drawn a line – although he admits that his relationship isn’t great – so…that puts a spark under Amber to pursue harder.

What we also learn is that claire from the first book, she’s the wife of the therapist, and we know that she’s no longer engaged in the marriage, and has served her husband with divorce papers – so that means that everyone’s really free and clear to pursue whom they want.

That all being said, i’m curious if the full book has more than these little snippets – so i’m going to search for it and see if i can get a complete story of all these folks.  on that note – happy wednesday.  (not happy for me – i’m suffering from a broken heart) but happy to you all no less.

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