Review: Bossy Request (Reality in Each Fantasy #1) by Lacey Silks


Title:  Bossy Request
Author: Lacey Silks
Publisher/Year:  MyLit Publishing 12/29/14
Length:  33 pages
Series:  Reality in Each Fantasy #1


Sharon helps her hot boss to match his ties to this wardrobe every morning. Straining to keep their working relationship professional, she keeps her distance from Frank until an accident at work forces them closer. An invitation to dinner, to thank sharon for her help, stirs feelings she’s hidden from Frank for years. Fearing she could lose her job if their relationship flourishes, Sharon hesitates.

Frank’s feelings toward his secretary are tested. He can no longer resist Sharon, and makes his move. Will Sharon begin to work under him the way he’s dreamed for years?

My Thoughts

If there’s something that Ms. Silks does well is give us these little novellas that give you just enough to want to know more, but enough that you’re not upset when it’s done.  ok, well maybe a bit since i always prefer SEVERAL chapters of these guys.

Anyhow, we meet Sharon who is Frank’s secretary and has been for the last 5 years, and there’s chemistry between them that they haven’t acted upon.  It’s only on the day that it’s basically a perfect story – where Sharon stares at Frank in the gym while he’s running w/ his shirt off and gets caught watching, and then spills steaming hot coffee on herself when Frank startles her that we see things finally heat up. (no pun intended).

Of course Frank’s solution is to take her shirt off right?  i mean that ALWAYS happens in a work situation, but i guess it’s the impetus that we needed to see.

Anyhow, from then on we get usual Lacey Silks progress – very hot very steaming scening for the remainder of the novella.  Makes you wonder what’s next right?  i’m off to find out.  Have a good Saturday everyone.

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