Review: Dance With Me (Reality in Each Fantasy #2) by Lacey Silks


Title:  Dance With Me
Author: Lacey Silks
Publisher/Year:  MyLit Publishing 12/29/14
Length:  33 pages
Series:  Reality in Each Fantasy #2


Kate has watched Sebastian Hill take on the role of a leading man on a hit TV show for ten seasons. Each time, she’s imagined herself as his partner in more ways than just dancing. While on vacation, she’s saved from a near drowning and ends up recovering in Sebastian’s room. He proves to be as suave in person as he is on the dance floor and Kate’s fantasies are about to come true.

My Thoughts

Ahh yes, another short novella that we get to see the beginnings of something interesting and good with Kate and ‘Bastian’.  I mean, where else do you get the girl fresh off a break up and the sexy ‘dancing with the stars’ type lead to come together at a resort right?

All that being said, we get another lovely novella from Ms Silks – giving us characters that clearly have more under the surface going on that doesn’t come out and that’s what’s good here because they just let it all go away just to enjoy a ‘day’ especially since Kate almost drowned after ogling him.

So, on that note, you get a really steamy scene – post shower which makes it really nice  – and all the other great stuff that leads into a set up for what could be a good longer story if that was the intention.  So….have a good night all and i’m off to find the next one.

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