Review: Teachers Pet (Reality in Each Fantasy #3) by Lacey Silks


Title:  Teachers Pet
Author: Lacey Silks
Publisher/Year:  MyLit Publishing 5/9/14
Length:  33 pages
Series:  Reality in Each Fantasy #3


When Angie steps into her friend’s sexy Halloween party on the other side of town, her son’s teacher is the last person she expects to see. Masked, she hides her identity and plays her role as Teacher’s pet to perfection. Mark’s Chippendale outfit draws her in and Angie soon finds herself making out with the masked stripper. When she realizes who he is, embarrassed, she flees upstairs. Can Angie overcome her shame and let Mark pet her the way she’s wanted to since they’d met at an interview?

My Thoughts

Expected yet semi underwhelming – although we still all that goodness that we expect from Ms. Silks.  Angie is a single mom i gather, and has needs of her own, which it seems that her son’s sexy teacher may be able to help with.  Of course its through a comedy of errors of sorts that things start to take shape.

She’s late to a meeting with the teacher, then falls on her butt with her skirt flying up – and then well, it’s all culminating at a halloween party of sorts.  So…things per usual in these novellas quickly escalate and i think that it’s safe to say that all the steamy goodness that we love from this author will come to pass.

Have a great sunday all.

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