Review: Calendar Girl: February by Audrey Carlan


Title:  Calendar Girl:  February
Author: Audrey Carlan
Publisher/Year:  Waterhouse Press 8/3/15
Length:  90 pages
Series:  Calendar Girl Series #2


A muse. Me. The motorcycle riding, ass-kicking, concert t-shirt wearing chick from Las Vegas, is a world-renowned French artist’s muse. For a month.

I had no idea when I took the escort job with Exquisite Escorts I would be standing naked in front of a blank canvas in a Seattle warehouse.

“Love on Canvas” he calls his exhibit, a combination of photographic stills and paint entwined to create the most awe-inspiring pieces the world will ever see. Except every last one of them features me and a moment in time where I was vulnerable.

Alec Dubois played on those vulnerabilities, teaching me lessons about love and life that would stay with me through the rest of my days.

My Thoughts

Well, when i was uncertain before about how things would unfold for Mia, and how these different men would bring something new and compelling to Mia’s life, well, i can say that so far i’m not let down.

What we have here is a continuation, with Mia trying to get past what she felt for Wes, what she feels – and see if she can make something work with Alec for the next month, knowing the situation is what it is, and that she’s got a job to do.  What she gets though is so much more than she bargained for.

On moment one practically, she twists her ankle and becomes fairly helpless – Alec has to tote her around everywhere.  Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to put the brakes on anything that he had planned for her as his muse since he’s able to create some of his best work.

All while that’s going on, their relationship evolves into something interesting.  They have a chemistry – that’s obvious, and they know what walls are up and what will never bring them down, so it’s something that works for both, but gets tested during a shoot.

The heat that these two share is quite different than that of what she had with Wes so that’s a nice change, there’s a raw quality to this, it’s intense in an entirely different way and i think that if we see these slight changes from installment to installment, then we’ll have something really interesting from our author.

On that note, i believe that we’re going to chicago next and it’ll be nice to see how this confusing situation works out.  What Mia’s being asked to do here will definitely cause some fights i’m sure among families.  Enjoy!

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