Review: Calendar Girls: May (Calendar Girl Series #5) by Audrey Carlan


Title:  Calendar Girl:  May
Author: Audrey Carlan
Publisher/Year:  Waterhouse Press 8/3/15
Length:  116 pages
Series:  Calendar Girl Series #5


Swimsuits, sun, surfing, and a sexy Samoan.

I headed to the island of Oahu, Hawaii to meet with cutting-edge swimsuit fashion designer, Angel D’Amico, to serve as head model for the “Beauty Comes in All Sizes” swimsuit campaign. The designer wants to show the world that beauty is not just a size two. My curves got me into this gig, and, the moment I laid eyes on my modeling “partner,” I’d never been happier with my buxom form.

Tai Niko had everything the average man lacked. Height, broad shoulders, a nipped in waist, square pecs, tree trunk thighs, and a look that rivaled “The Rock.” The part that made me drool and weakened my knees, was the thick, intricate tribal tattoos running down the entire left side of his muscled frame from shoulder to ankle. The design was unlike anything I’d ever seen, and I couldn’t wait to trace the tips of my fingers over every inch.

In the fifth book of the Calendar Girl serial, Mia is sent to Oahu, HI. Still on her mission to save her father, she embraces the model life to prove beauty really does come in all sizes.

My Thoughts

Yet again i’m pleased to see the originality in this series and unlike the last 2 installments, we get something VERY hot and steamy here.  It’s nice to see that we’re going back and forth with this so that there’s a bit of diversity in the flow of the relationships and whatnot.

Here we have Mia going to Hawaii with a job that won’t net her the additional $20k for any ‘extras’ – but that’s ok by her as long as she gets her monthly fee.  What happens before she gets out to Hawaii even, makes things even more interesting.  Throughout this whole series, it’s been mostly about how Mia was growing as a person in order to live her life for herself since she’s really been responsible for her sister and father for most of the time.  Well, in this 5th installment, we see that take a turn.  Maddy, Mia’s sister has been dating a new guy for a few months, and it’s a shocker of information that comes to Mia which makes her reevaluate a lot of things.  It certainly sets the tone for this book, and what we get from there on is very intense.

We meet Tai the moment that Mia is on the island, and she sees him modeling – and wow does she appreciate what she sees.  He’s the exact type of man that she’s into, and knowing that she’s not going to be ‘working’ for her client persay – it opens up a lot of possibilities for Tai.  And this is where things get so hot and steamy that i had to take a few breathers during it.  The sexual chemistry that these two have – it’s not romance at all, it’s just flat out intense sex – well, it’s exactly what we needed in this story.  We spent the first two books with Wes and Alec where the sex was good – but there were emotions – here it’s just physical need and merging.  HOT!!!

We see that Mia has to come to terms with her family life, with her own choices, and she chooses to again help someone else (Tai here) to find his destiny and it shows you that there’s so much more to a friendship if it’s a good one.  Now we’re off to DC i believe where Mia is going to play the role of arm candy for an older politico, although there’s mention of ‘something fishy’ going on here so i can’t wait to see what that means.  So…onto the next.  happy thursday!

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