Review: Calendar Girl: September (Calendar Girl Series #9) by Audrey Carlan


Title:  Calendar Girl:  September
Author: Audrey Carlan
Publisher/Year:  Waterhouse Press 8/3/15
Length:  122 pages
Series:  Calendar Girl Series #9


Vegas, Vicious Exes, and Ventilators.

My life felt like a fast ride on a too short highway. Coming home should be roses and rainbows, but nothing that comes out of the desert blooms free. I was most certainly not free. I’d missed my payment to Blaine, owed the last client a hundred grand I didn’t have, and my father was on his deathbed. To make matters worse, Wes was missing in action. As in, no one had seen or heard from him in three weeks. Devastation didn’t begin to explain where my mental state was at.

Like anything life had thrown my way, I pulled on my big girl panties, not the sexy lacy ones I enjoyed teasing my guy with, but the kind that said, “This ass means business.”

I had no choice but to make the decision I made.

My ex, the man that ruined the concept of love for me, put my father in the hospital, was about to get everything he ever wanted…at least that’s what I led him to believe.
In the ninth book of the Calendar Girl serial, Mia rushes back home to Las Vegas, Nevada. Things have taken a turn for her father, putting her into debt up to her eyeballs.

My Thoughts

Well, we finally get to find out what happens when Mia’s world comes crashing down on her.  She’s back in Vegas after she found that her father had taken a turn for the worse, and if that weren’t enough, it means that she’s not able to work for the month – she missed getting to her next client, and she owes him the $100k that she would have made.  This also means that she’s deeper in the hole with Blaine, and we all know that he’s not willing to make compromises.  She’s forced to strike a deal with him that’s not at all something that’s good for her.

On top of that, she’s been apart from Wes for too long and that’s wearing on her.  It’s after a few weeks of silence that she truly begins to worry, and when she learns what’s happened, well, that takes her stress level from a 9 to a 90.  There’s little information to go off on where he is, and she’s relying on past contacts (i.e. Warren Shipley) to see what he can do.

Add to all that the fact that both she and Maddy are building their family with Max, well, i think that he’s really stepped up in this installment, and we get to see him for the man he really is which is really really nice.  I think that it’s something that Mia and Maddy really needed in life and it’s great that they finally get it now.

So all that being said, there’s very little heat or passion in a real sense here.  A few kidnappings, beatings, and a lot of blackmail and fear.  There’s also still too much uncertainty of what this will all mean to Mia at the end of the year – but we know that it’s more about the journey to her than anything else now that some of her pain points are being taken care of.

Very different from the last installments, but that’s really good since i think that we need such diversity in this series that’s based on 12 installments.  On that note, happy valentines day, and i hope that you guys have a nice sunday!

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