Review: Perfectly Kissed (Perfectly #2) by Lacey Silks


Title:  Perfectly Kissed
Author: Lacey Silks
Publisher/Year:  MyLit Publishing 2/18/16
Length:   43 pages
Series:  Perfectly #2


There’s not really one available anywhere so i’ll just go into my thoughts

My Thoughts

We’re in this continuation of the series of sorts-  however where we get in this next book – laying out how April’s life has changed and then getting further into the story of Millie and Dave i’m confused but i’ll get over it.

We learn that Dave is April’s sister, and Millie is her best friend. so their lives are intertwined forever.  The challenge though is that there’s this tension between Dave and Millie – we know that they were the true love for each other but right now it’s not the right time, and while it’s christmas, there’s hope that something could happen, but knowledge and understanding that it probably won’t.

So this is a novella – a quick read as a segue into the next installment where we’ll probably get a bit more into the depth of what Dave and Millie had and what it can or can’t be.  Not much more to elaborate on here i’m sorry to say, but Ms Silks never disappoints, so i’m sure the next book will give us exactly what we need.  Happy Sunday All!

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