Review: Fade into Me (Shaken Dirty #3) by Tracy Wolff


Title: Fade into Me
Author: Tracy Wolff
Publisher/Year:  Random House Publishing 2/15/16
Length:   232 pages
Series:  Shaken Dirty #3


She’s one addiction he can’t resist.

Wyatt Jennings has been called a lot of things by the media. Bad-boy rocker. Intense drummer. Addict.

Finally out of rehab and desperate for a fresh start, Wyatt rejoins his mega-platinum rock band Shaken Dirty as they prepare for their world tour. But Wyatt’s demons are never far behind, always nipping at his heels for one. More. Fix.

Enter Poppy Germaine, the band’s new social media consultant. A beautiful bombshell who somehow manages to get underneath Wyatt’s skin, Poppy’s an addiction Wyatt can get behind. And even though she’s with the label-and therefore off-limits-he craves her. Needs her.

Except Poppy isn’t actually a social media consultant. She’s the daughter of the label’s CEO, sent undercover to babysit Wyatt and keep him from falling off the wagon again. Proving herself to her father is Poppy’s only goal-until she finds herself in Wyatt’s bed. But if Wyatt discovers the truth, it could send him spiraling all over again…

My Thoughts

The saga continues, this time we’re getting to see the troubled tale of Wyatt, who’s fresh out of rehab, trying to get his life back in balance.  Because he’s a liability, the record label wants to send someone to babysit, and that someone ends up being Poppy – who’s the daughter of the head of the label, and also the one who discovered the band.  She’s got to stay under cover of course, in how she ‘manages’ Wyatt, and we all know that it means that romance is going to come into play.

The story that we get here, it’s one that’s both expected and a bit deeper than expected.  Yes, it’s commonplace to have the rockstar addict as a story line, but in this one, we have to get about half way to 3/4 of the way through in order to see things beginning to hit home for everyone what is at stake, and what their worth is to everyone.  If it wasn’t enough that we had the story line of Wyatt, we’re also learning about the process to replace Micah now that he’s been ousted from the band.

Typical of the other books in this series, we get a sweet romance starting here, although for the bulk of their interactions, it’s more about sex than about romance and relationship.  Of course they are both in denial of what’s in front of their face, but i think that it’s always that catalyst of someone lying and up and leaving that makes things actually happen.  The ending that we get here though, totally didn’t expect it to happen as it did, and it’s nice.

In addition to the plot line of following Wyatt, we see that Poppy finds herself at a crossroads since she’s never been given the chance to prove that she’s an amazing talent scout and record exec.  She’s always being forced to stay behind her brother and never get the  credit that’s due.  We see how that plays out here and that’s an interesting twist as well.

So all in all, pretty good continuation of the series, and i can’t wait to get into Jared and Drew’s stories now that they have still to be told.

Have a great sunday everyone!

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