Review: Make Me Forget (Make Me #1) by Beth Kery


Title: Make Me Forget
Author: Beth Kery
Publisher/Year:  Penguin Publishing 4/5/16
Length:   83 pages
Series:  Make Me #1


Harper McFaddan has made her name as an investigative journalist by being both compassionate and fearless. After tragedy strikes her family, she moves to the shores of Lake Tahoe to find some peace. But when mysterious software mogul Jacob Latimer comes into her life, her thoughts turn from her own healing to an urgent need to get closer to him…

Jacob Latimer is the definition of a self-made man. The software entrepreneur built his corporation from nothing, but rumors abound about the shadiness of his rise to power  and no one knows what secrets lurk in his past. Harper is the last person he should let into his life. As an investigative journalist, she’s the one person who could expose his hidden origins. But Jacob knows things about Harper’s past that make him irresistibly drawn to her. He wants nothing more than to make her his—and Jacob is a man who always gets what he wants…

My Thoughts

I love getting back into a series from Ms Kery since i think that we’ve all come to expect not just a great plot line with twists, but there’s also such great steamy chemistry from literally page one of all her stories that you can’t help but be drawn in.  This one is no different.

Harper is trying to get away from what she’s known her whole life because she’s trying to move on from the death of her parents, and moving to Tahoe is how she chooses to do that. Completely different pace of life, and changing who she’s around with seems like the best idea, however i think that there’s more that she’s running from, based on what we read in the summary and what we learn of Jacob.

Now we move onto Jacob, who’s this mysterious billionaire, no one knows much about him aside from the fact that he’s been shrouded in mystery and scandal, and that he’s kind of a hermit.  It’s really no surprise that Harper wants to know more.

So it’s after a chance meeting on the beach that they connect, and then she gets invited to a party that he’s hosting, and we learn that perhaps it’s no coincidence at all – and that there’s MUCH MUCH more to this duo.  Jacob knows who she is from his past, but she’s yet to make the connection.

Since this is a short intro to the series, i think that there’s only so much that we can get in terms of the plot line, but there’s no shortage of what we can get from passion.  There are sparks from moment one, and we see in a very steamy scene that there’s definitely something hot and powerful going on here, and i can’t wait to see what comes next.

On that note-  i have to wait until next week for the continuation, but at least i know that it’s coming bit by bit!

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