Review: Make Me Tremble (Make Me #2) by Beth Kery


Title: Make Me Tremble
Author: Beth Kery
Publisher/Year:  Penguin Publishing 4/12/16
Length:   68 pages
Series:  Make Me #2

When Jacob Latimer ran into Harper McFaddan on the beach, she thought it was the first time their paths had crossed. Only Jacob knows that his murky history connects with hers in ways she couldn’t imagine—ways that make their relationship dangerous. He should let her go. But now that he’s felt her in his arms, he worries that he’ll never be able to forsake her…

Harper has never been this attracted to anyone before—nor has she ever been so intimidated. Jacob can go from aloof and mysterious to total mastery of her mind and body in a second flat. In the glamorous setting of his luxurious yacht, he finally stakes his claim. And he won’t stop until he has every inch of her under his delicious control…

My Thoughts

We’re slowly starting to learn more and more about how these two have a past together, even if Harper doesn’t realize it yet.  there was quite the hinting going on in the first book that now it’s nice to see a little bit of a backstory going on.  makes his character a bit more relatable.  we learned that there’s not much intel on his own back story and it’s nice to know that there’s really something there that makes him more of a deeper person.

As we left off in the first installment, there was definitely heat and passion coming at us from all angles.  Jacob and Harper had a steamy moment in the shower when Harper went back to get her purse, and this 2nd book gives us the aftermath of all that and then what comes next.

What’s nice to see here is that Harper’s starting to get a sense of familiarity but not quite sure why.  the other nice thing is that there’s got to be more coming out of the Ellie story that the director wants to make a movie on than we know, and how it’s some how tied to Harper (or at least that’s my guess) so we’ll have to see how that plays out.  I feel like that part of the plot – the other professional side of things will def have an interesting progression here.

Jacob though, i wonder how his story is going to come to fruition.  we know that he’s been harboring this crush on Harper because of their past, and i think that it’s a bit of revenge ore resentment that’s coming out in present day since he feels that she never responded to his notes.  i’m sure that we’ll learn that her parents kept those letters from her, and that she never knew – and that’ll create a whole new side to things.

So on that note – we get the expected heat and naughtiness that i’ve come to expect from Ms Kery, and i’m definitely excited to see what next tuesday brings in the form of the 3rd installment.

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