Review: The Billionaire’s Control by Crystal Kaswell


Title: The Billionaire’s Control
Author: Crystal Kaswell
Publisher/Year:  3/28/16
Length:   214  pages
Series:  The Billionaire’s Control


She needs this job. He needs her tied to his bed and screaming his name.

Lizzy Wilder is desperate to stay in New York City with her sister Kat, the one person she trusts. Lizzy’s only hope is a programming internship at hot tech startup Odyssey. But there’s a problem: the company’s CEO is enigmatic billionaire Nick Marlowe–the impossibly sexy one night stand she never expected to see again.

Nick stays in control of his life. He doesn’t f*** interns. Period. If Lizzy wants to work at Odyssey, she needs to keep things platonic.

She tries. Hard. But the connection they shared, the way he captivated her– there’s no way her body or her heart will allow her to forget him. There’s no way she can work under him without working underhim.

Can she risk the job she needs for the man she wants? And can she really handle being under his control if he wants her too?

My Thoughts

Thank you NetGalley for getting me a copy of this, and of course that also means thank you so that i got into the previous bit of this story with Kat and Blake.  Provided for a great set up and lead in for this story!

So in this semi 2nd installment in the series, we get to see more into the life and mind of Lizzy – Kat’s younger sister now that she’s in college and trying to make her way in the world.  We know that she chose to go to Stamford to study STEM and programming and where we are now is in the break between semesters where she’s trying to get an internship to learn more about AI and to also find a way to fund her education.

The nice thing about this second story is that we learn that there’s more to present day than we knew – as these two, Lizzy and Nick met previously and what they thought was a one night thing has brought up problems as their connection is amazing and they don’t know what to do about it in this situation with professional and personal.

What we spend a lot of time thinking about in this story is how to get past what terrifies us, and understanding what it is that will make us happy and be best for everyone.  With Lizzy, it’s getting over a lot of the pain that she’s had since the car accident that she was in that killed her parents and left her with a horrible injury.  She’s terrified of cars and that’s something that continues to come up here.

then there’s the fact that neither Lizzy nor Nick seem to be able to love, to be open to love and even have faith that it’s something that they’re worthy of, and i think that we clearly see this uphill battle and i can’t wait to see how it plays out.

What’s supposed to be a casual sexual relationship, or as casual as it can be when you have an alpha male who’s a dominant and into control and BDSM, but casual is where they try to let this play out.  Lizzy tries to improve upon her skills while also throwing caution to the wind in how she’s trying to seduce him.

Our author does a great job of keeping the story moving – of giving us what we want in terms of anxiety and tension, and then delivering on the need for chemistry, heat and passion – and just dirty scening.  That’s something that Ms Kaswell has done very nicely.

We have to assume that something’s going to happen between these two to cause of rift as it can never be smooth sailing all the time, and i think that it’s interesting to see what comes between them.  There are so many secrets being kept that it’s no wonder that more have to come towards the end to get us to the finale.  I feel like the characters that we begin to meet in the latter third of the story are going to be essential not just to the ending but to the next installment, and i can’t wait to see how THAT plays out.

On that note, have a great weekend all and i’ll be back!

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