Review: Make Me Forever (Make Me #8) by Beth Kery


Title: Make Me Forever
Author: Beth Kery
Publisher/Year:  Penguin Publishing 5/22/16
Length:   70 pages
Series:  Make Me #8


As the New York Times bestselling author of Because You Are Mine and The Affair delivers the final installment of her breathtaking new serial novel, Jacob and Harper are forced to examine the strength of their love—and the frailty of their desire…

Unable to hide from Harper any longer, Jacob reveals his painful past, finally acknowledging his long-hidden connection to her. Afraid the truth will drive her away forever, he’s surprised when Harper exposes startling facts about her own past.

Harper is is angry at Jacob for robbing her of someone she’d loved and burying a part of himself she’d forever cherish. Still, when he faces a devastating loss, Harper races to his side. Strengthened by Harper’s love, Jacob finally fully bares his soul and reveals everything he has kept hidden. But if they are to have a future together, he will need to release all of his shame—and embrace a happiness they both desperately deserve..

My Thoughts

And the truth FINALLY comes out.  we learn so much in these last 70 pages  – seeing what Harper went through when she was saved, and what her parents did in the hopes of making her life better which actually made it all worse.  Then we see what Jacob went through during those years as well and of course it makes you feel so sorry for him.

The other thing here is that we see that their trust still isn’t that firm.  I mean, i thought that they had gotten past the hurdle, but when Jacob is led to believe that Harper is looking into his past, when it’s really someone else pretending to be her, well you just can’t wait to see the explosion go off there.  I think that it’s no surprise that Harper wants distance and that she needs to regain some of the control over her life that she’s lost.

And of course, there’s Regina.  She’s a bit of a wild card – you never really knew what the back story was there, and you don’t know what her mindset will be at any given moment.  Well, she comes back, she causes trouble, and all that results in a death.  who’s  – well you’ll have to read to find out.

In any event, i think if nothing else, we learn so much more about what made Jacob into the man he became, and why he did that – and you see why he surrounds himself with the type of women that he does.  I feel like all this is why he’s so different with Harper, but you’re forced to wonder if it’s sustainable, and if it’s something that they both want.  that they can both live with.  Are they too damaged to make it work or is love enough?  and do they love each other now even knowing what their pasts were, and weren’t?

If all that weren’t enough, Ms.Kery gives us exactly what we need in the sense of heated scenes between these two.  you know what you’re going to get with them, one who needs to be in complete control, and one who needs to be controlled.  it’s hot.  and steamy and makes me want to see oh so much more!

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