Review: Resist (Breathe #2) by Sarah Crossan


Title: Resist
Author: Sarah Crossan
Publisher/Year:  HarperColling 10/7/14
Length:   368 Pages
Series:  Breathe #2


What would you do if you were desperate? Bea, Alina, and Quinn are outlaws. They started a rebellion and have been thrown out of the pod—the only place where there’s enough air to breathe. Bea has lost her family. Alina has lost her home. And Quinn has lost his privileged life. What will they find now that they are refugees in the perilous Outlands? Their final safe haven may be harboring dark secrets. But together, the three teens find the will to keep fighting, to save one another, and to break free from everything that’s holding them back.

My Thoughts

This second and final installment takes us on quite the journey.  We see that there’s the quest to find another settlement from the Resistance in the Outlands – and what they find there is not at all what they expected.  We learn more that the true identify of Abel is found out and it’s not what we thought, but not what you didn’t think either.

there’s a new character brought into the mix here – Ronan, who is part of the Special forces led by Quinn’s father.  He’s beginning to question what he’s been told to do his whole life and i think that it’s about time that he links up with Quinn, Bea, Alina or any of them to figure out how to make a change come around in the Pod.  With the Rebellion going on, someone has to be a leader.

So there’s the rebellion in one place, the interesting conditions at the Sequoia – where they aren’t growing plants/trees, they are growing babies….and well when our fav characters find themselves in that society, it’s not a happy ending for anyone.

Throughout this story i kept wondering if we were going to see folks switch sides – and if we were going to be let down by what we had hoped would happen.  I think that we all wanted to have faith with the Premiums and high powerful folks that get involved in the cause to actually make a change, and i think that there’s still way to much uncertainty to be able to trust anyone.  I feel like Jude (Quinn’s father) – is such a gray area of trust – so we really need to read the story in entirety to see who he’s playing for.

I’m a bit sad that this was just a 2 book series and not a trilogy.  i feel like the last third was a bit rushed with the quest to fill in enough and the ending – that we didn’t get as far into things as we necessarily would have in a 3 book-er.  oh well.  We get to the point where a lot of people are dead, a few are saved, and there are a few new ones even, with their own perspective on Pod life.

On that note – happy saturday and have a nice weekend!

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