Review: Taking it All (Surrender Trilogy #3) by Maya Banks


Title: Taking it All
Author: Maya Banks
Publisher/Year:  Penguin Group 8/5/14
Length:   320 Pages
Series:  Surrender Trilogy #3


In her sensational Breathless Trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks tested the boundaries of desire. In her new trilogy, there’s only one thing left to do: cross them. And for a married couple taking steps to renew their marriage, the consequences of one single moment of inattention may come at a price the husband never expects…

Chessy and Tate have been married for several years. In the beginning, their relationship was everything she wanted. Passionate. All-consuming. She offered her submission freely and Tate cherished her gift with a tenderness that made her feel safe. Content. Wanted. Loved beyond all measure. But as the years have gone by, Tate has become more immersed in making his business a success, and Chessy has taken a back seat to his business obligations. Growing unhappy with the status of their once blissful marriage, Chessy knows that something has to give, or they stand to lose it all.

Tate loves his wife. Has always loved her. Providing for her has always been his number-one priority. But lately she’s seemed unhappy, and he’s worried. Worried enough that he arranges for a night together that he hopes will reignite the fire that once burned like an inferno between them.

But a business call at the wrong time threatens everything. Chessy’s safety, his concentration, his wife’s faith in him as her husband—a man sworn to love and protect her above all else. Gutted with the realization that he’s going to lose her—has already lost her—he readies for the fight of his life. Whatever it takes, he’ll get her back, show her that nothing is more important than her love. And that if she’ll allow him to prove himself one more time, he’ll take it all. Everything. But he’ll give back far more: Himself. His undying love.

My Thoughts

We know the stories of Joss and Kylie and we know that Chessy’s marriage was picture perfect for a while but less so in recent years, It’s about time to understand what’s going on and then see if we can figure out what’s going to happen next.  It’s a roller coaster and at what point something that seemed way too easy to happen turns ugly.

Chessy, the woman who’s set herself up in the role to play the perfect wife,the perfect hostess and the perfect submissive finds herself in a situation where her husband of 5 years spends more time dealing with work and keeping his business running and successful than paying any mind to what makes Chessy happy.  Because of this, we see it all come crashing down, on the worst night possible – their anniversary.

On a night that’s supposed to be theirs and theirs alone, Tate does the unthinkable and puts work first, leading Chessy to explode and want out.  She’s finally forced to confront him, and surprisingly it’s almost like Tate didn’t even realize how bad it was.

This is where i felt like things changed way too quickly and easily and i should have given Maya Banks more credit.  See, all it took was some begging and pleading and promises that things will change, added on top a night of intense passion and heat, and they were back on track.  realistic right?  nope.

We spend some time lulled into a sense of security, allowing us to pick back up on some of the continued story lines of the other 2 couples, where we find that Joss is pregnant, and Kylie is beyond happy with Jensen, that it’s inevitable that the other shoe will drop.

on a night at The House – a private BDSM club, we see that Chessy is willing and excited to participate in a special scene arranged by her husband.  It’s then that things go awry that a final wedge is put between the couple and things are changed for good it seems.

The rest of this story takes us on a journey of a woman who’s forced to stand on her own, and be strong since she’s put up with so much, but has to remain stoic not to fall back into what was great in the past.  We know that Tate’s apologetic, but that’s not enough.  In this story – we see that Love isn’t always enough, and that’s a twist that i think that Ms Banks does well and was necessary to mix things up a bit here.

The ending of this story is one that i kind of expected, but added a nice dimension to things.  Not only do we get to see how Chessy continues her life and what the means for Tate, but we see an epilogue for Joss and Kylie as well – in a nice way to tie up their stories too, and give us closure on it all.

I’m really pleased with the dynamics in this series – i feel like each character was created with a specific role in mind, and while the ladies are quite similar as are the men, there are nuances that make each of them very unique so that you’re really interested and intrigued to what their story will mold into and what that will bring to the dynamic of the overall group.

On that note – have a great Monday all.

Review: Unstrung (UnWind Trilogy #1.5) by Neal Shusterman


Title: Unstrung
Author: Neal Shusterman
Publisher/Year:  Simon & Schuster 7/24/12
Length:   80 Pages
Series:  Unwind Trilogy #1.5


How did Lev Calder move from an unwillingly escaped Tithe to a clapper? In this revealing short story, Neal Shusterman opens a window on Lev’s adventures between the time he left CyFi and showed up at the Graveyard.

My Thoughts

So – i was quite interested to understand how Lev became a clapper, but i really don’t think that’s what we get in this novella.  Where we are is that we see Lev finding himself on an Indian reservation – a place that potentially will give him solace and freedom from being an AWOL – but that still doesn’t lead me to understand how he became a clapper persay.  What we do get though is a new perspective on life during this time, among a people who value family and culture and history more than anything else, and that’s something that’s quite interesting.

Not much else to say – felt more like a side story than an explanation, but i guess it’ll all come together some how in the coming installments.

Review: Hot Mess (S.I.N. #2) by J Kenner


Title: Hot Mess
Author: J Kenner
Publisher/Year:  Random House 7/12/16
Length:   240 Pages
Series:  S.I.N. #2


The S.I.N. series continues with the seductive follow-up to the Stark International Novel Dirtiest Secret, from the New York Times bestselling author of “red-hot and angsty” fiction that “keeps readers guessing” (Publishers Weekly, on Under My Skin).

No one can know about our love—and hiding only makes it hotter.
Dallas Sykes has a reputation. He is known for his parties, his money, and the countless women on his arm. Yet the Dallas I know is a different man—darker, smarter, and unbearably sexy. Just one look from him can leave me breathless; the anticipation of his touch can make me lose control.

Inextricably bound by our past, we keep each other’s secrets. And while there are people who have the power to hurt us, it’s the truth that threatens us most of all.

Dallas can be mine only behind closed doors, our passion as searing as it is forbidden. Yet nothing in this world has ever felt so desperately, deliciously right.

My Thoughts

I really enjoy Dallas and the reputation that he has, but what’s even more – i love the goal he’s set out for himself – to find who kidnapped him and Jane and make life right again.

While that’s the goal here – similar as it was in book 1, there’s also the face that he and Jane are so involved with each other that it causes problems in itself.  See, they acknowledge that they belong to each other, but know that they can only be together in private to uphold what people expect of them.  The other bit of this story is that there are still so many secrets that it’ll rip them apart when Dallas’s search for the kidnappers require even more secrets to be kept.

So there you have it – in a nutshell.  What’s nice here is that our author – J Kenner is still able to give us what we need and want from her.  The passion and chemistry between Dallas and Jane is so intense that they can’t keep their hands off each other, and it puts great images in the reader’s mind.  They are sooo naughty and steamy, especially knowing what Dallas needs, that hot isn’t even a good enough word.

The other bit of the story that’s classic Kenner is that there’s so much unknown in the search for kidnappers and where the path is leading.  Deliverance is still hot on the train, uncovering information that perhaps they didn’t know – while at the same time, Jane’s ex husband is also working with/for the FBI and they are also drawing the same conclusions.  So, the question isn’t so much as when they are all going to discover who’s behind it all, it’s who’s going to find out first and what will that cause in terms of pain and suffering since we know that there are some things that MUST remain secret.

Mind you, as i’ve read this 2nd installment, i’ve picked up on a lot of hints, and i’m beginning to think that it was The Woman that was behind it all and not the Jailer, and that I think i know who the Woman is – which will cause even more problems.  There’s so much unknown and so much that i’m dying to find out.

Where we are left off at the end of this though is that the Woman has somehow surfaced again and has Jane.  where she is and what’s going to happen to her is anyone’s guess and i’m sure that’s where we’ll pick up the next installment – on such a great cliffhanger.  so….on that note, i wish book 3 were out already, but i’ll try to be patient waiting.  Have a great day all!

Review: Just One Lie (Just One Night #2) by Kyra Davis


Title: Just One Night
Author: Kyra Davis
Publisher/Year:  PocketStar 7/28/15
Length:   368 Pages
Series:  Just One Night #2


In the instant international sensation Just One Night, sensible Kasie Fitzgerald unleashed her passions—and found herself—through an explosive affair. In Just One Lie, we meet Kasie’s wild and tortured sister, whose impulsivity and lack of self-control has set off a chain of events that changes her family forever.

Melody Fitzgerald is the opposite of the “perfect” daughter. The lead singer of an indie rock band, she is impulsive and creative, with a rebellious streak that both defines her and becomes her greatest enemy. Her lover, the enticing and unpredictable Ash, shares her free spirit and penchant for trouble. On the face of it, he seems to be her perfect match.

So why is she so drawn to her soft spoken, reliable drummer, Brad Witmer? How can a man who wears polo shirts and reads the financial section of the paper be of any interest to her at all? And why on earth does someone like that appear to be so captivated by her?

Before she knows it, Melody finds herself on a path of self-discovery, passion, and affairs of the heart. But will a dark secret from her past derail it all? Or will its exposure be the very thing that unburdens her heart and allows her to seek a future with the one man who loves her completely?

My Thoughts

From the first installment in the series we learned that Kasie had a sister but one who passed away from an overdose.  In the novella in between, we get to see that she’s quite alive, but only after she contacts Robert to meet Kasie.  So in this next full length installment, we get to see who Mercy/Melody is and what made her into what she’s become.

In this 2nd full installment, we have seen how Mercy’s life started once her parents decided that they were going to proclaim her death.  Because of that, Mercy’s found herself on her own, trying to get by, and in doing that, she’s started a band called Resurrection.  They are moderately successful, playing in small locations in and around LA and she’s befriended her bandmates.  It’s the arrival of a new drummer, and the return of a past fling that truly throw her life in to a tailspin.

See – one of the biggest issues that Mercy has had all her life is that she’s felt unloved, like she’s not enough, and this has made her self destructive.  While she knows that she needs to change, she can’t allow someone to save her.  She needs to figure out how to save herself.

So this story takes us on that journey, where she’s in love, loses that love, harms herself and comes to a realization that there’s more to life.  We get several jumps ahead into the future while this is happening.  We see how her romances with various guys really make an impact on her, and we see how some of those are things that stories are made up – where there’s so much love and passion and connection that even years later, you’re still bound to them.

Because of one of those such loves, she finds her ‘home’ again, and she finds a way to be happy, and to be happy with someone else.  It’s only then that her life truly starts to take shape and get better.  We see that she’s making the right choices not just for her but for her family now, and that’s driving her success.  The downside to success though is that people dig, and when they dig- secrets come out.  This is what leads Mercy to Robert’s office in the hopes of finding Kasie – and that’s where our story continues.

All in all, a great 2nd installment from Ms Davis.  What i found is that maybe it didn’t quite have the same passion as the others that i’ve read by her, but there’s definitely steam and heat when we read about Ash, and Brad in their appropriate segments of the story.  There’s a great flow to the story, and i love how we were kept interested and intrigued throughout.  Onto the next now – so have a great day all!

Review: Just Once More (Just One Night #1.5) by Kyra Davis


Title: Just Once More
Author: Kyra Davis
Publisher/Year:  PocketStar 6/22/15
Length:   42 Pages
Series:  Just One Night #1.5


Picking up shortly after the events in the sizzling New York Times bestseller Just One Night—which the New York Journal of Books declared “gives Fifty Shades of Grey a run for its money”—this sexy e-short, told from the perspective of Robert Dade, delves further into his tumultuous love affair with Kasie Fitzgerald.

“If you won’t be ruthless for love, how valuable is that love?”

Robert Dade is a man who knows what he wants and never hesitates to go after it. Money, power, and—at long last—the woman he loves, Kasie Fitzgerald, are now his. But after so many years of living by his own rules will he really make the compromises necessary to keep Kasie by his side? And when a man even richer and more ruthless than he is takes an interest in Kasie, will Dade be able to protect her? Or will his controlling nature drive her toward the very danger he seeks to shield her from?

My Thoughts

I’ll be honest – it took me a quick refresher to go back to where we left Robert and Kasie since it’s been a while since i’ve been in this series, but i’m really pleased that it’s picked up and that i’m back in the midst of it.

In this novella – we get to see what’s gone on since decisions were made to be together and life has gone on.  We know that it’s hard on both of them since they are more alike than they want to admit, but what that does of course means that they will produce some intense chemistry – and i can’t wait to see that happen.

Throughout this novella, they are at odds with one another – because Kasie needs to grow and wants Robert to trust her and that’s not something that he can easily do.  Of course we see folks try to get involved and i think that it’s all for the best.

It’s not until the last page when someone shows up that is completely unexpected that we get to see things heat up.  That’s what the next installment is going to be about – and i can’t wait to jump right in.  Have a great night all!

Review: Beautiful Funeral (The Maddox Brothers #5) by Jamie McGuire


Title: Beautiful Funeral
Author: Jamie McGuire
Publisher/Year:  CreateSpace  8/2/16
Length:   242 Pages
Series:  The Maddox Brothers #5


Losing has never been easy for a Maddox, but death always wins.

Eleven years to the day after eloping in Vegas with Abby, Special Agent Travis Maddox delivers his own brand of vigilante justice to mob boss Benny Carlisi. Vegas’s oldest and most violent crime family is now preparing for vengeance, and the entire Maddox family is a target.

The secret Thomas and Travis have kept for a decade will be revealed to the rest of the family, and for the first time the Maddoxes will be at odds. While none of them are strangers to loss, the family has grown, and the risk is higher than ever. With brothers against brothers and wives taking sides, each member will make a choice—let the fear tear them apart, or make them stronger.

My Thoughts

I love this series and i’m really impressed how Ms Mcguire brought us to somewhat of a conclusion.  Where this story differs from the others is that we have each chapter in a different characters POV – all trying to match us up to the point in time that we’re at while maintaining the flow of the underlying plot line.

Thomas and Liis are the foundation for this story – as we know, they are FBI and have been working to take down one of the biggest crime families in Vegas.  With the help of Travis and Abby, they’ve made more headway than ever, however it’s put their families in so much direct danger.  That’s really where this story takes us.

Now that they are out for blood – the Maddox’s are on their guard, and we see that the crime family has a few tricks up their sleeves still, resulting in the death of Thomas.  Where we go from there as the family copes is an interesting journey.

Throughout this series, we have seen the fairly unbreakable bond that there is between the brothers and that’s something that comes into question in this final installment.  They are taking sides as new information is revealed, and it becomes quite messy.  IF that weren’t enough, their wives are also getting at each other’s throats – taking it out in ways that one never imagined.

In addition to that, there are their personal lives at play – some great and some less than cozy and we get to see how all that plays out as the family copes with death.

What throws us for a loop is that while we have one funeral, that’s not all that we get here.  There’s still more to come and it’s shocking, surprising and all the same the ending that we all kind of wanted to have given the nature of the characters.  I don’t know how Ms Mcguire was able to keep it all straight and especially keep it interesting in this last book, but she did it was amazing ability.  I’m bummed to say goodbye to them, but i’m glad that we at least get to meet some of the other characters that we’ve read about in previous installments.  the series won’t totally end i think – just take a new path.

Review: Hard Rules (Dirty Money #1) by Lisa Renee Jones


Title: Hard Rules
Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Publisher/Year:  St Martin Press 8/9/16
Length:   304 Pages
Series:  Dirty Money #1


How bad do you want it?

The only man within the Brandon empire with a moral compass, Shane Brandon is ready to take his family’s business dealings legitimate. His reckless and ruthless brother, Derek wants to keep Brandon Enterprises cemented in lies, deceit, and corruption. But the harder Shane fights to pull the company back into the light, the darker he has to become. Then he meets Emily Stevens, a woman who not only stirs a voracious sexual need in him, but becomes the only thing anchoring him between good and evil.

Emily is consumed by Shane, pushed sexually in ways she never dreamed of, falling deeper into the all-encompassing passion that is this man. She trusts him. He trusts her, but therein lies the danger. Emily has a secret, the very thing that brought her to him in the first place, and that secret that could that destroy them both.

My Thoughts

I always love getting into new series by Ms Jones because there’s always such amazing character dynamic and story line to fulfill your every need.  In this story – we’re quickly diving deep into a family war through Shane and his family while really not knowing much of anything about Emily’s life.

The interesting set up with this story is that the first chapter that we get isn’t directly related to the story that we have, yet it’s clear as you read through this first installment that it’s intertwined more than you knew.  who the characters are though – well we’ll have to wait and see.

So with Emily – she’s our strong female who’s got a past to hide from, which we still don’t learn much about, but we see that she’s independent, strong, sexy and a force to be reckoned with.  Shane on the other hand is a typical leading man from what we get from our amazing author.  He’s powerful, controlling and intensely sexy.  Their connection is off the charts from the moment they meet in a coffee store.

Where we go in this first book is a journey of still not finding out much, but wanting to know more.  We know that Shane’s trying to clean up his family’s dirty business all in the hopes to do so before his father dies from cancer, or to do it enough to get control of the business before it happens.  There’s so much more going on than anyone knows, and we meet characters along the way that find themselves mixed into things beyond their control.

On top of this compelling story line, there’s the expected sexual chemistry between these 2 that means that they can’t stay away from each other, no matter how much Shane tries to make that happen.  All he wants is to protect Emily but she’s not having it.

So – when Seth (Shane’s security dude) finds out some interesting things about Emily – all hell breaks loose and this is where we are left off at the end of this story.  Amazing intro to the series and i honestly and bummed that we have to wait until Feb to get the next book.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Review: Unwind (Unwind Dystology #1) by Neal Shusterman


Title: Unwind
Author: Neal Shusterman
Publisher/Year:  Simon and Schuster 6/9/09
Length:   343 Pages
Series:  Unwind Dystology #1


The first twisted and futuristic novel in the perennially popular New York Times bestselling Unwind dystology by Neal Shusterman.

In America after the Second Civil War, the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life armies came to an agreement: The Bill of Life states that human life may not be touched from the moment of conception until a child reaches the age of thirteen. Between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, however, a parent may choose to retroactively get rid of a child through a process called “unwinding.” Unwinding ensures that the child’s life doesn’t “technically” end by transplanting all the organs in the child’s body to various recipients. Now a common and accepted practice in society, troublesome or unwanted teens are able to easily be unwound.

With breathtaking suspense, this book follows three teens who all become runaway Unwinds: Connor, a rebel whose parents have ordered his unwinding; Risa, a ward of the state who is to be unwound due to cost-cutting; and Lev, his parents’ tenth child whose unwinding has been planned since birth as a religious tithing. As their paths intersect and lives hang in the balance, Shusterman examines complex moral issues that will keep readers turning the pages until the very end.

My Thoughts

I didn’t necessarily know what to expect from this story but i think that it takes us on an interesting journey.  Like the summary says, we’re in a time where society has to instill all these rules on value of life and how to manage for over population, need for transplants, and a way to maintain order.  The solution that they’ve created is a process known as Unwinding where a child’s body is dismantled bit by bit so that every part is then used to help someone else.

We follow the journey here with Connor, Risa and Lev (among others) as they find themselves being Unwound for various reasons.  At times they become allies, other times they are enemies, and it’s a question of survival and finding out how to outlive and outsmart folks until they turn 18 and can no longer be Unwound.

Connor has been sent to his demise because his parents don’t know how to handle him as he’s a bit rough around the edges.  on top of that, his family has been storked 2x, meaning that someone’s left a baby on their doorstep twice so they have their hands full.  Risa is a ward of the state as she doesn’t know who her parents are and when you get to a certain age as a ward, if you’re deemed to be ‘average’ then you’re sent to be Unwound as they don’t have room and resources to maintain quality of life for anyone who’s not excellent.  Then there’s Lev – who comes from a family of money and religion.  They have a believe that they are to offer up a child as a tithe in a means to show their gratitude towards God.  this is the role that Lev plays as he buys into that since birth.

Where things change is when Connor runs way, Risa escapes and Lev gets kidnapped.  The journey from there is one of survival, trust, and understanding what the right side of the fight is.

Relationships are developed, romances bloom and allies are formed and broken.  It’s through a series of events that we get to see a final resting place of sorts, where things are not at all what they seem.  Connor gets esteem and respect (or fear) from all of the other unwinds that they come across.  Risa finds her spot in medical care and Lev is a wild card.  Where they go from the Graveyard and beyond is what makes this story interesting since you don’t quite know what’s going to happen next and who will survive.  We see a lot of death, we see the process of being unwound and i have to say that my stomach was turned a bit.

Where we are left in this story is a place that’s quite pivotal.  Great change seems to be coming for these folks and for society, but i’m not quite sure in what form.  There’s a lot of unknowns here and i think that’s what makes this interesting.

The one thing that trips me up with this series is that it’s an angle that’s a bit different.  which i like but i think that there’s a bit of lack in depth to the foundation to truly get to the crux of it.  I feel like we got the backstory quickly of what got to the societal situation that they are in, but i’m not sure that i understand it to really understand what’s right or wrong.  In any event, the good thing here is that i have the rest of the series in my library so i’ll quickly be able to determine what’s good and not.  Enjoy!

Review: Giving In (The Surrender Trilogy #2) by Maya Banks


Title: Giving In
Author: Maya Banks
Publisher/Year:  Penguin Group 5/6/14
Length:   225 Pages
Series:  The Surrender Trilogy #2


In her sensational Breathless Trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks tested the boundaries of desire. In her new trilogy, there’s only one thing left to do: cross them. Now, the story continues as one woman, haunted by the shadows of the past, explores the possibilities of a new beginning in ways she never could have imagined…

Kylie sees the way Jensen looks at her. The dark promise in his eyes. That rough edge of dominance she knows he possesses. But dominance is the one thing that frightens her above all else. She and her brother barely survived a childhood steeped in violence and abuse. She could never give up total control and submit to a man. Especially a man like Jensen. Could she?

Jensen sees the shadows in Kylie’s eyes. Knows he has to tread very carefully or risk losing any chance he has with her. All he wants is the opportunity to show her that dominance doesn’t equal pain, bondage or discipline. That emotional surrender is the most powerful of all, and that to submit fully to him will fulfill the aching void in her heart in a way nothing else ever will.

My Thoughts

We return to the world that we met Dash and Joss in, to explore and dive deeper into what makes Kylie tick.  As you’ll remember, in book 1, Joss was getting over the death of her husband, that same man who is Kylie’s brother.  So we see that along with the death of her brother, the only person that she felt protected her from anything and loved her, she’s also trying to figure out how to live with all that she went through in abuse from her father when she was a child.  Of course, that means that she’s got an aversion to men, dominant men, so when Jensen Tucker comes in and takes on the role of Partner in their business, things go from ‘eh’ to downright uncomfortable.

Jensen quickly realizes that he doesn’t need to have his fully dominant persona be in play at all moments because he realizes that Kylie is what he wants and she’s terrified of all that.  In the same moment, Kylie realizes that while she’s got this disdain and hate for him, there’s also something else there.

Where we go in this 2nd installment of the series, is that we get to see Kylie being forced to come to terms with the confident and strong person that she is, along with finding herself to be able to be ‘happy’ and come alive at the hands of a man.

It’s a sweet story – one that we see time and time again though – both main characters have dark dark backgrounds that will of course pull them apart.  When they open themselves up to one another, we see that it does more harm than good – and Kylie ends up getting hurt and Jensen does what he thinks is best, which means breaking up with her and going their separate ways.  It’s only through girl squad power that Kylie is able to deal with things, and we see what that means for the remainder of the story.

One thing to note with this book – what we usually get from Ms Banks in the forms of a really hot and steamy, naughty book – all those elements are there, but i feel like something was missing.  it wasn’t as hard hitting as we usually get but i don’t know if it’s me. There are steamy bedroom scenes for sure – which are always core to what we get with Ms Banks, but i feel like the rest of the story was just a bit ‘less deep’ than we usually get.

In any event, i can’t wait to see what happens in book 3 with Chessy and Tate since we all know that something is brewing there.

Review: Planetfall (Planetfall #1) by Emma Newman


Title: Planetfall
Author: Emma Newman
Publisher/Year:  Penguin Groou 11/3/15
Length:   268 Pages
Series:  Planetfall #1


Renata Ghali believed in Lee Suh-Mi’s vision of a world far beyond Earth, calling to humanity. A planet promising to reveal the truth about our place in the cosmos, untainted by overpopulation, pollution, and war. Ren believed in that vision enough to give up everything to follow Suh-Mi into the unknown.

More than twenty-two years have passed since Ren and the rest of the faithful braved the starry abyss and established a colony at the base of an enigmatic alien structure where Suh-Mi has since resided, alone. All that time, Ren has worked hard as the colony’s 3-D printer engineer, creating the tools necessary for human survival in an alien environment, and harboring a devastating secret.

Ren continues to perpetuate the lie forming the foundation of the colony for the good of her fellow colonists, despite the personal cost. Then a stranger appears, far too young to have been part of the first planetfall, a man who bears a remarkable resemblance to Suh-Mi.

The truth Ren has concealed since planetfall can no longer be hidden. And its revelation might tear the colony apart…

My Thoughts

I’m still not sure what to make of this story – but it’s interesting to say the least.  it takes the technology that we’re developing now, and overlays an interesting story on spirituality and trust.

True to what the summary says, we meet Ren who’s out lead.  she’s a gifted engineer in present day, and quite intelligent and gifted in the past.  Her path crosses Suh’s when they are in university and are looking at the same apartment.  From what i’ve gathered from the hints that we’ve been given, there was definitely an element of romance here with them  – and that’s what probably led Ren to blindly trust in what Suh told her.  Aside from the fact that Suh was able to convince everyone that she has seen god’s city as a result of a coma that she was in after eating a plan seed.

So the journey that we go on in this story is in the future – where they have colonized this planet that Suh had led them to, as a result of eating this seed, and how their lives are forever changed.  There were strict rules and regulations put into place because there was a lie or lies being perpetuated – and we get to see what those were over time.  There were teasers of murders, or killing of folks from the first planetfall, there’s the question of where Suh truly is, and who is really right in all this.

When Sung-Soo shows up – the grandson of Suh, we get to really see that things aren’t what they seem.  He tells us who he is and that he’s the last survivor – as his settlement all was killed in a flood.  Mind you the fact that he’s around is a question mark as there was an assumption that the 2 missing pods were dead.

Sung pushes Ren far outside of her comfort zone, and what we see is that all hell will break loose because of it.  the way that this story is wrapped up (or not) is kind of what i was coming to expect.  We see there’s so much more to that planet and it’s inhabitants than anyone knows – and i wonder what will come of it.

Not my usual form of dystopia – but not at all bad.  have a great day all!