Review: Getting Rough (Monkey Business Trio #2) by C.L. Parker


Title: Getting Rough
Author: C.L. Parker
Publisher/Year:  Random House 1/2/6/16
Length:   245 Pages
Series:  Monkey Business Trio #2


Hotshot San Diego sports agent Shaw Matthews and his sexy professional adversary Cassidy Whalen have gone head-to-head in the boardroom—and the bedroom. Now Shaw has scored a big promotion—but only because Cassidy turned it down and ran off. There are many things he wants when it comes to Cassidy—just not her pity. So Shaw rushes to a small town in Maine to retrieve his dignity—and maybe the woman he’s hungry to claim once more.

Cassidy has pushed herself to the max to realize her career dreams—until a family crisis brings her home. But Shaw isn’t letting Cassidy go that easily. Neither is gorgeous heartthrob Casey Michaels, the childhood sweetheart she left behind—and who now wants to win her back. As the rivalry between the two alpha males intensifies, and Shaw’s seductive moves reach a whole new level of heat, Cassidy has to make a choice. And this time, it’s for the highest stakes of all.

My Thoughts

Something’s clearly wrong with me that i forgot all about this series for a while.  That or i’ve just had way too much other reading and stuff going on these past months.  Well, thankfully i’ve found my way back into the world of Shaw and Cassidy since there was a lot of really interesting stuff going on there.

If you remember, these 2 work at the same talent agency and they were after the contract of the best quarterback out there.  Whoever won would get promoted to partner and have the world at their fingertips.  Through a series of events, Cassidy won the contract but turned it down to Shaw who got the promotion, while Cass ended up flying back home to Maine for a family situation.

If that weren’t all, there was the love hate relationship throughout the first book that we all knew was going to get explosive and hot fast.  which it did.  So that’s kind of where we pick up in book two.  Cass is hope as her mother had a pretty bad fall, and for some reason, Shaw has decided to fly out there to figure out why she left and to claim his woman in the most cavemen of ways.

Throughout this 2nd installment, we get a really sweet story of the man fighting for his woman, but we also have the other piece of the story of fighting your roots and who you are in order to be who you want to be.  Cass has a past in Maine and one that she’s not sure she’ll ever leave behind – that in the form of Casey.  So there’s an interesting love triangle type thing going on here since there’s jealousy all around and unrequited feelings that will almost certainly never go away.  Of course we have to add in another female by the name of Mia who’s a romance author and who also ends up writing a story basically about Cass and Casey’s romance – so it’s going to get good right?

Add in a hurricane, a few people almost dying and you have yourself a really great story.  The biggest questions that we ask ourselves throughout this installment are who will end up with whom and at what cost.  there are so many feelings all around that you hate to see someone leave with a broken heart but you also want to see that people are living up to their ambitions.  it’s inevitable where the story will go, but i feel like you always want to root for certain folks.

The ending though is a nice transition and surprise.  the way that they are all brought back to reality is through something that really had no play in this story so it was nice to get the shift back to the world.  the other thing too in the epilogue type thing is that we get to see a glimpse of what’s going to happen next potentially since the world is about to flip again.  So, on that note, hope you are all having a great day and i’ll be back soon.

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