Review: Mastered by her Captor (Mastered by #5) by Opal Carew


Title: Mastered by her Captor
Author: Opal Carew
Publisher/Year: Opal Carew 6/21/16
Length:   82 Pages
Series:  Mastered by #5


Kalie Terron
The man who kidnapped me has haunted my dreams for weeks. Hot sexy dreams of his full lips moving on me. Over my naked body. Touching me in soft, intimate places.

As my captor, he wore jeans and a casual shirt. I hadn’t known that the man who brought my sexual fantasy to life is a powerful, wealthy businessman.

Now I’ve tracked him down, determined to convince him to give us a chance.

I’ve seen his eyes with a dominating edge. I’ve seen them filled with passion. And even filled with an intense need that rivaled my own. But now those eyes are cold and detached, as if what the two of us shared was nothing to him.

But I won’t give up.

Erik King
Kalie wants a relationship. Flowers and candlelight. Soft words spoken in front of a fire. But I’m not a romantic kind of guy. I like my sex rough and hard. And I like my women soft and submissive.

Just because she enjoyed a fantasy about being abducted and forced to have sex with two men, she thinks she can handle what I want. She doesn’t get that what I enjoy is in a whole different league.

She seems intimidated by my status, which is good. I intend to take every opportunity to keep her off balance. For her own good, as well as mine.

Her unyielding determination tells me it will be difficult to convince her to back off. Thus, my only alternative is to use intimidation to scare her away.

So I will give her the chance she’s been begging for, confident that in the end, she’ll be begging to get away from me.

My Thoughts

As i was reading this 5th book in the series, i thought to myself that perhaps its the least favorite of mine for the little fact that there doesn’t seem to be that much for us to base the story in aside from knowing that there was some shared experience that they had together that make Kalie fall in love with Erik and him not with her.  It’s only after i read it that i now realize that there’s a prequel to the story that makes it seem like maybe i’ll get what i was looking for.

So back to this story – we meet up with these 2 after they have already had this shared experience, Kalie had this fantasy of being help captive and Erik and another man were the ones to fulfill that for her.  Through that experience, she somehow realized that deep down, aside from getting her sexual needs and desires handled, she had her emotions tied up in it and for a woman like her, that’s a tough thing.

What we have here is a quick novella of what’s happening now – after all that happened, where we see that Kalie’s trying to pursue something more, Erik completely understands her intent and isn’t interested since he’s nursing a broken heart of his own.  He’s willing to compromise if she’s able to fulfill a fantasy of his for a short time, and of course she’s eager to do so.

We spend a nice bit of time with them at a tropical location of sorts where there are others who are very much interested and deep into the lifestyle and of playing out captivity fantasies.  While this is completely outside of Kalie’s comfort zone, she trusts Erik completely and will do whatever he wants.  Since Erik’s battling his internal issues and demons over this, we know that he’s going to go back and forth between enjoying Kalie and putting himself in the captor role – so that means that we’ll get a real diversity in terms of the types of scenes and interactions that they have.

Where we net out of course is that Kalie falls deeper, Erik wants none of that, and they go home with kalie nursing a broken heart.  It was inevitable honestly, to see how that was going to end since he was clear on how he felt, but i think that how she deals with it and then how he deals with it from then, we get a resolution to it all.

All that being said, now i’m going to have to track down the other story that i gather tells me about how Kalie and Erik came together in the first place and maybe it’ll give me more context since i think that the ending of this story happened far too quickly.  enjoy!

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