Review: Beauty and the Billionaire: The Wedding (Billionaire Boys Club #6.5) by Jessica Clare


Title: Beauty and the Billionaire: The Wedding
Author: Jessica Clare
Publisher/Year: Penguin Publishing 11/15/16
Length:   92 Pages
Series:  Billionaire Boy’s Club #6.5


In this all-new novella in the New York Times bestselling series, Hunter and Gretchen are finally tying the knot—but their wedding may not be the easy fairy tale they’ve dreamed of…
Someone’s out to ruin Gretchen’s happy-ever-after on the eve before the big day. Can she trust Hunter, the man she’s given her heart to? And can she rely on her sister Daphne (the least reliable person of all!) to help her salvage things? Or is this marriage going to go down in flames before Gretchen and Hunter ever get to the altar?

My Thoughts

Well, the day has finally come – and i think that from all that we’ve seen from the ‘spin off’ Billionaires and Bridesmaids, it’s not a moment too soon.  We’ve spent the last few years with this group of friends, starting with Hawking and Bronte and revolving quite a bit around Hunter and Gretchen.  So not only do we finally get to ese the wedding happen (or maybe no), we get to see a bit more of another character’s story – one that we’ve really been dancing around throughout much of the series.

So as you all know, Gretchen has been planning her wedding and through needs of moving the date due to Hunters work, her friends getting pregnant etc, she’s having a christmas wedding.  Just days before, she finds out that someone seems to be blackmailing Hunter and that’s just one of many issues that Gretchen has to deal with.  All she wants is her man – isn’t that enough?

Then there’s another little side story here – Gretchen and Audrey’s sister Daphne is out of rehab and wants to find a way to get back into their lives.  So we get to see how her trainer/life coach manages to keep her on the straight and narrow, and at the same time we get to see how welcoming or not her sisters are.  I think that you guys will remember the many other times that we’ve crossed Daphne in other stories, with Audrey, Gretchen even and then also with Kyle (her makeup artist).

It’s a sweet culmination of things – where what you expect doesn’t happen and when things seem to be too easy and smooth, you know that the other shoe is about to drop.  The question is whether this wedding will happen, where it will happen and who will be there since it’s all up in the air.  Enjoy!

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